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Roll Call

James: James is an amazing husband, father, and musician. We went to middle school together, high school and college together. We didn’t meet until high school and didn’t start dating until college, however. He proposed to me a few months after our graduation from CWU. He has a B.A. in Music with a Jazz emphasis and a teaching certification. He is currently employed at a local middle school teaching choir and general music. He also plays saxophone with a great funky band from Everett called 20 Riverside. He works hard to provide for our family and we really appreciate all that he does for us!


Jimi: Jimi came as a big surprise to our family. We weren’t planning on having children for a while but were pleasantly surprised when we found out Jimi was on the way. Jimi was born in September 2010. He is the happiest, goofiest, active little boy. He loves to laugh and gets a kick out of it when he can tell he’s making others laugh. He is on the move constantly, exploring, figuring things out, and testing his boundaries. We’re so blessed to have such a healthy little boy in our lives.

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Cecilia: Our sweet baby girl was born in July 2012. She is a happy, smiley baby. She loves to watch her big brother run around and to chew on her hands. She’s proving to be just as active as her big brother and is accomplishing all of her physical milestones early. It is so much fun to get to watch her grow and learn and to see her personality develop more everyday.

 Rebecca: I will be the primary writer on this blog, although I imagine James may write a post occasionally. I have a B.A. in History, which proves to be pretty useless in the real world. I stay at home to care for Jimi and Cecilia and love it! I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from George Washington University. I used to be a runner and am trying to get back into the groove of it. I’m trying to be a better blogger. I love my little family of four!


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