The Plague is Finally Over

Alright, it wasn’t as bad as the plague but the last couple of weeks have been a little rough around here with various illnesses.

I’ve been watching my nephew John pretty frequently the last few weeks while my sister has doctor’s appointments at the hospital across the street. About three weeks ago when he walked in the door I instantly saw the snot dripping from his nose and started to panic. I knew that if he was sick Jimi and Cecilia would be following soon. Each time he sneezed, coughed, or wiped his boogers on something my OCD went into over drive. I could just see the germs crawling on everything.

Sure enough, two days later Jimi, Cecilia, and I all came down with a strong cold, despite frequent hand washings and wiping down every toy when John went home. James caught the cold a couple of days after the rest of us. Three weeks later and Cecilia and I still have stuffy, dripping noses.

Cecilia has been picking in her ears for around a month now. I didn’t get concerned because she wasn’t just screaming in pain, have a fever, or problems sleeping that are the tell-tale signs of an ear infection. She was a little bit crankier than normal and wasn’t drinking from bottles very well, however. About a week and a half ago she woke up with the inside of her ear just covered in blood. It looked like the blood might be coming from the inside of her ear canal so we threw clothes on everyone and went to the walk-in clinic as soon as we saw it, fearing that she had burst her ear drum. Fortunately, her ear drum had not burst but she did have an ear infection in her left ear. She had to take amoxicillin twice a day for a week. We checked back with her regular doctor and the ear infection has cleared up. She’s such a happy baby, we’ll have to play closer attention for the ear infection signs if we suspect it again.

Last week my little brother Wade and his son (baby) Wade flew into Washington from Virginia for a visit. Jimi was really excited to see his cousin. Right after they got in baby Wade came down with some sort of stomach bug so we made Jimi wait a couple of days and until baby Wade was completely over his sickness until we let them play together. That didn’t matter. Jimi still got the the bug baby Wade had had but much much worse. He threw up a couple of times on Friday morning and then was fine the rest of the day. Saturday he didn’t want to eat anything but was playing just fine. Saturday night he started throwing up and having diarrhea all. night. long. Sunday he had a few bouts of diarrhea but nothing too bad. Monday through Tuesday morning things worse for the poor little boy, much much worse. He is finally started to turn around yesterday. Today he decided to make up for his lost weight and ate more than I’ve ever seen him put in his little body. No one else was affected by this bug except for me have some serious stomach cramps for a couple of days. I did more laundry and bathroom cleaning in those four days than in any other week, ever.

I’ve heard that once you have two (or more) kids it is impossible to keep them both healthy. While they do share a cold whenever one gets it, we have been pretty lucky so far and have only had to deal with a couple of them. Also, (knocking on wood) Cecilia has not caught any of the serious stomach bugs the rest of us have had.

Here’s hoping we’re done with illnesses for a while!



I was going to write a post about Jimi’s crazy behavior and sleeping habits hitting rock bottom last week but just thinking about writing it all out made me tired. To sum it up: last week was a little insane. Jimi’s behavior was all over the board. He had many moments of being sweet and many moments of being angry. He suddenly became afraid of his crib and went into hysteria when we started his nightly bedtime routine and woke up crying for most of the night. He is starting to down for the night a little easier but he is still refusing to nap in his crib. He wants to sleep in our bed which is something he has never liked doing and hasn’t really done since he was a newborn and I was too lazy to put him back in his moses basket after feeding him. We’re still not sure what triggered all of last weeks craziness. I have a feeling he may be sensing the change that is going to be happening soon when Cecilia gets here.

A lot of the behavior is probably just because Jimi is a full-fledged toddler headed in the express lane for the terrible twos. Everyday is full of  boundaries being tested, a struggle for more independence, and frustration when he can’t accomplish what he wants. Days are also filled with new discoveries and exploration, gained understanding, speaking new words, accomplishing new feats, hugs, kisses and overall amazingness that make all of the not-so-pleasant times and (most) of the sleepless nights worth it. As frustrating as it can be, I love this age and am constantly in awe of our little man.

Is it Thursday Already?

Ok, so my weekend recap did not happen this past weekend. Neither did the other posts I wanted to write like about how awesome Jimi is and how much he can do now.

Last weekend was my first week of my new course. It started off with a bang with 7 assignments due and a lot of reading. I also agreed to make 3 batches cake pops for my nephew John’s birthday which was last weekend. AND my mother, step-father, brother and nephew flew in for the birthday party…. Needless to say things have been a little busy around here.

To sum it up: On Thursday I took Jimi to his doctor to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection because he had hardly slept in a week (he didn’t have one). We went out to dinner with my family that night. Friday was John’s birthday (Happy Birthday!). The day was spent running errands, doing homework and getting pictures of the three boys together. Saturday: John’s big birthday bash. Sunday: ZOO trip with the family. Monday: More errands homework and family dinner.

Jimi has decided he only needs one nap a day and even that is a struggle to get him to take. He is still adjusting to less sleep and has been having some big periods of unpleasantness during the day (but still overwhelming amazing). No naps also equals a lot less time for me to get things done during the day, so we’re all adjusting.

All dressed up for John's barn yard theme party.

Jimi and John helped themselves to some macaroni noodles to play with.

James was confused about where the wild dogs went.

Jimi wanted to keep up with his 4 year old cousin, Max, at the zoo.


21 weeks!

Jimi did not want to stop running around to sit on the carousel.

Jimi loved trying to catch the penguins.

Feeding himself some whipped cream.

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off nice, hit a super low point, and then ended with fun.

Friday: Friday night James and I went on a date night to finally celebrate Valentine’s Day and to just have some adult time. (Thanks Dru and Jamie for watching Jimi). We went to Claim Jumpers in Lynnwood because they have really large portions and I can eat large amounts right now. After our delicious dinner we went to the Regal theater up the street. We got to the theater around 7pm to watch “The Vow” (my pick) and got out around 9:20pm.

We walked up one row of cars, realized it was the wrong row and crossed over at the point where our had been parked only it wasn’t there. We looked around for a couple of seconds thinking we were still in the wrong row but did not see James’ car. James instantly knew his car was stolen. I thought we were just being idiots and couldn’t remember where we parked. After several more attempts to figure out where the car was we went back inside to tell the manager and to call the police. I was initially just stunned and then I got angry. I don’t understand why people do hurtful things to each other. Violence, theft, discrimination, etc… none of it makes sense to me. I’m not a saint and I know I’ve hurt other feelings, but I would never go out of my way to intentionally cause harm to another person. Just be nice to each other everyone!

My Dad was kind enough to pick us up at the theater and drive us back to our house. Thank you Dad!

Saturday: When we woke up in the morning (after very little sleep from Jimi being up all night and being too upset to sleep), James had a voicemail from the Everett Police Dept. saying that they had found his car around 2am at the theater in Everett. The people who took it drove it over 100 miles, ripped out the ignition, ripped out the stereo, and stole all of James’ cds out of it. They were kind enough to leave Jimi’s car seat, although I am a little scared to use it since I have no idea what they did in the car. They also left us a poppy-seed muffin, four protein shakes and some dirty tupperware. We picked up James’ car from the tow lot ($300 later) and drove it to the auto shop for what will be about another $300 in repairs, and we’ll still need to get another stereo put in it.

I’m really thankful that James car was found in still running condition but I’m still mad about it. These people obviously just took it for a joy ride and got very little gain from it. I doubt they can get much money from anything they took. They probably could have gotten the most money from taking the car seat, which they left behind. If they just wanted to see a movie in Everett instead of Lynnwood (about 15minutes apart from each other) they could have taken the bus.

Sunday: We’d been planning on taking Jimi out to do something fun for a few weeks but moving and other busyness kept getting in the way. We decided this poor kid had to do something other than watch us pack and unpack and run errands with us so we went to the Children’s museum in Everett. Jimi was a little grumpy when we first got there because he is transitioning to one nap (NOOOO!) a day right now but he quickly warmed up and appeared to have a blast and even made a few girlfriends while playing. It’s so fun to watch his face light up while he runs around exploring and learning! My camera’s batteries died a few minutes after getting there so I was not able to get many shots of him in action but here are a few.

Digging for dinosaur bones. (still in grumpy sleep mode)

Weekend Recap

This would be the weekend where I didn’t take any pictures.

Friday: Thursday night my computer decided to freak out and only show me a black screen. Not good. After an hour of shutting it down and restarting it, it finally came back to life. I quickly backed up all of the pictures and videos of Jimi so they wouldn’t be lost forever. I thought the problem was solved. Wrong. Friday morning my computer wouldn’t turn back on. Since the computer was three years old and Dell’s tend to not last very long I decided I didn’t have time to deal with this everyday. I am taking online classes after all. So Jimi and I drove to Best Buy and picked out a new Samsung laptop (thanks in advance tax return).

Friday night was nacho night! After that I did my now usual Friday night routine and wrote a paper for class while James watched movies that “wouldn’t distract me”. This time he chose “Step-Brothers” and “The Hangover”… yeah those weren’t distracting.

Saturday: I did our taxes in the morning (thrilling, I know). James had a gig with 20 Riverside in Roslyn (about two hours away) so Stephanie and Ian were kind enough to watch Jimi over night so I could go to the show with James. Roslyn is just on the other side of the mountains and has a lot of snow on the ground, but thankfully the roads were clear. Our friend Walker’s family owns a cabin in Roslyn so after the show we walked up the very steep hill to Walker’s cabin to stay the night.

Sunday: When we woke up in the morning, the entire hill was covered in black ice because of freezing rain. I was nervous about falling so I walked in the snow bank as much as I could. James took another approach. He decided to try to slide on the ice down the hill. He fell about three times. One of them just as a man opened his front door, it was pretty funny.

We were nearly to the freeway we saw a sheriff parked in the middle of the road. He told us that they were pulling a bunch of cars out of the ditch by the freeway entrance and the ice was so bad you couldn’t stand up on it so we would have to turn around. We drove about another 15minutes South to the next town to get on the freeway. I was glad we made it safely and that the freeways weren’t icy as well.

I spent the rest of the day recovering from staying up so late the night before. I napped on and off for a 30minutes, took an hour nap when Jimi did and went to bed at 9pm and I’m still exhausted. I’m too old to stay up until 3am.

Weekend Recap

This would be the weekend where I stayed up later two nights in a row than I have in more than two years.

Friday: I went to the 20 Riverside show in Bellingham to watch my man play the saxophone. It was fun to have a night out but I quickly realized that I get pretty wiped out after 10pm now-a-days. Thankfully the night was made better because the band played great (!) and they played first so we got to go home earlier. :o)

20 Riverside

James playin' the sax

Saturday: My good friend Amber is getting married next weekend (I’m a bridesmaid) so we celebrated in Seattle for her bachelorette party. We had dinner and watched a show in the Capital Hill area of Seattle. Anyone from the area knows that that neighborhood is known for its GLBT pride. So of course the show we saw was a celebrity drag impersonation show. That was definitely the first time I’ve been to a drag show, but it was a lot of fun and a really good show. We weren’t allowed to use flash photography and the lighting was weird so all of the pictures I were blurry but here’s a shot of Amber with the Host of the show.

Amber is on the left

Sunday: After my late two nights I was pretty exhausted so we all did pretty much nothing all day and it was fabulous.

(A late) Weekend Recap

So far 2012 has been anything but spectacular for this family. Hopefully, that will be changing soon.

Friday: We spent the better part of the afternoon and early evening shopping (one of James’ favorite activities). Our mattress is quite old, uncomfortable and makes a loud noise whenever one of us moves in the bed, which is constantly waking me up. We had planned on getting a new mattress after the new year but I heard of a good sale at Macy’s that we didn’t want to miss, so we headed to the mall for a few hours to try out mattress. Unfortunately, they cannot deliver our new mattress until Jan. 13th, so I’m anxiously counting down the days until then.

After Macy’s we headed to Babies R’ Us to buy some much needed diapers for Jimi and took advantage of their clearance sales to stock up on the next size clothes. Later that night James had a gig with 20 Riverside. I decided to skip this gig and stayed home with Jimi.

Saturday: We spent the day lounging around the house until the early evening when we headed to my sister’s house to play games and celebrate the new year. Before we left, Jimi got his hands on a catalog and decided to make some confetti:

At least he tried to help clean up the mess...

We tried to stick Jimi and John in cheesy New Year hats so we could take cute pictures. This is how it turned out:

Our plan was to stay the night at Stephanie and Ian’s since Jimi would be asleep already and so we wouldn’t have to deal with the crazy drunks on the road. … Jimi never fell fully asleep and by the time we went to bed at 1am, he was waking up every 5 minutes screaming. If it wasn’t one thing waking him up, it was another… I finally got very frustrated around 2:30am and decided to just drive home so that Jimi could sleep in his own bed. He slept a little better once we got home, but not great. The first bad start to the new year.

Sunday/Monday: We spent the entire day doing nothing, watching football, and recovering from our rough night the night before. Around 5pm, I started to not feel so good. I skipped dinner and just laid on the couch. By 7pm, I was throwing up horribly. I left James to take care of Jimi and went to bed. I spent the rest of the entire night sick in the bathroom about every 30 minutes. Around 6am (Monday morning), the sickness (as I am now calling it) hit James. My mother-in-law had the day off work so she was kind enough to watch Jimi for us for a few hours so we could get some rest. Later on Monday the sickness got to Jimi. (Be prepared for TMI) We’re talking diarrhea dripping out his pants sick. After we hosed him off (well, gave him a bath) he seemed to be in pretty good spirits other than not wanting to eat. Stephanie and Ian were kind enough to drive up some Gatorade for James and milk and Pedialyte for Jimi. Apparently, Ian got the sickness too so now we’re on the hunt to figure who gave it to all of us.

Thankfully after going to bed early last night we’re all starting to feel much better, although the boys still seemed a little wiped out.

I hope everyone else’s new year started off much better than ours!