Inadververntly Teaching Our Kids

In March I signed up for my first 5k since Cecilia was born so I started getting pretty serious about my quest to get back in shape and lose the baby weight. After I completed that race I signed James and I up for the “Yankee Doodle Dash” in Everett for the 4th of July. Around that time I also started a post-natal workout series called “Pretty Fierce Weight Loss“. The program is pretty intense and will kick your butt, but I highly recommend it for anyone trying shake the baby weight or just wanting to get toned in general.

The Yankee Doodle Dash was James’ first 5k so he started joining me on runs, which meant we had to take the kids along with us in our super sweet double jogging stroller. Pushing the stroller while running without being able to use your arms is not super sweet, however. At the end of each of our runs Jimi would ask to get out and run with us. Then he started asking for running shoes and doing my indoor workouts with me. I commented to James that I thought that was pretty funny that Jimi was so interested in all of that. James pointed out that it’s because Jimi sees us doing it and that we were setting a good example.

And there you have it, an inadvertent life lesson. I hadn’t thought of it like that but James is right. In our own quests to be healthy and active, we have without trying, begun installing that in our kids. And I think that is pretty cool. I hope that as they grow they will continue to be healthy and active and will maybe even find a sport or activity that they are passionate about.


The four of us after James and I finished our 5k.


Sleepy girl after one of our morning runs.


Jimi running circles around the house with his scooter.

By the way, James finished the 5k (which was really 3.5miles not 3.1 because of mapping error) and did amazing, finishing under his goal of 30 minutes.


Hitting the Pavement

I need to start working out more. “Hitting the Pavement” as my dad likes to call it.

I have always been a slim/medium build and never had to really worry about my weight fluctuating (I’m not bragging. That’s just how it is). However, since having a child my body has changed. No, I don’t think I’m over weight and I’m not complaining about that. I have lost all of the baby weight but there is still extra weight I gain from getting married that just won’t seem to budge. Everyone has a weight that they feel comfortable at, and I’m not at mine. I know what I need to do to improve that. I think  there needs to be more hours in the day to help me reach my goal.

I had been doing a great job of working out post baby months 4-9. I was doing both Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred and Lindsey Brin’s Post Natal Boot Camp with a regular consistency leading up to the Yankee Doodle Dash first 5k I’ve ran in 8 years. Then I took it back slightly because the scale was finally showing the results I wanted and the school year started, which meant that James was back to work and we were much busier and I lost my routine. I got back into after I asked my dad to sign us up for the Hawk Hustle. I was really proud of myself because I shaved 2 minutes off my time from my last race (turns out the course was measured wrong, but I still felt good about how I ran). Since then I’m not sure what has happened. It just seems there is no time for working out… Or at least, as it probably really is, I’m not making time.

James usually gets home from work between 2 and 4 (depending on what school he is subbing the second half of the day at). 2-4 nights of the week he has to be out the door again for a rehearsal, teaching a lesson, or a meeting of some sort by 6. This means that I have enough time to get a shower and make dinner before he leaves. And, what spare time I do get I want to spend it with my husband. I’ve tried working out in the house while Jimi is awake, trust me it doesn’t work. As for nap times, I’ve found that if I work out Jimi will wake up before I get a chance to shower, which leaves me sitting in my sweat all day. Gross.

I could wake up earlier in the morning before Jimi gets up but find myself savoring every last minute of sleep since he is yet to be sleeping through the night. As for working out after he’s in bed… that’s not happening for several reasons. First: It’s dark super early now and coyotes roam our neighborhood. Second: We live in a one bedroom apartment, which means that when Jimi goes to bed we all are sequestered into the bedroom so we don’t wake him (he sleeps in a nook in the living room) and I’m too embarrassed to be doing workout dvds in front of James.

But since my Dad just signed us up for the Seattle Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving  it looks like I’ll be getting up a little earlier to fit in my workouts.

(Sorry for this long post with no pictures)

12 Months!

It really is hard to believe but Jimi is 12 Months (and 5 days) old already!
Weight: 22lb 5 oz (42%) Height: 31 inches (85%)

As usual, catching this little boy and getting him to stay still for a picture was quite difficult. It is amazing that in the little over a month he has been walking he has gone from a few steps at a time to full on running. He is still proving to be a picky eater, although his doctor doesn’t seem concern since his weight is still maintaining the same percentile even though he’s still active. Maybe once he gets more than one tooth he’ll be more interested in eating real solid foods. Until then we’ll just keep on trying….
Jimi still isn’t sleeping through the night but the doctor said at this rate we probably shouldn’t expect it until he gets his teeth in. That doesn’t give me much hope for sleeping through the night for the next few years considering James got his teeth in late and Jimi only has one thus far. Sigh. I don’t think my body would know how to sleep through the night anymore anyway. I haven’t been able to do so since I was about 4 months pregnant with Jimi.
Jimi seems like he’ll be speaking any day. He is definitely trying to make words and every day they become clearer and clearer. I’m sure some of the words are clearer to us because we see him everyday but even people who don’t can understand what he is trying to communicate. Most of his words aren’t clear pronunciation though yet. It is amazing to watch him learn and understand more clearly every day. 
This past year has been one of the most amazing of our lives to be able to experience all of the awesomeness that comes with being a parent. There are definitely challenging and frustrating days but overall it is the most positive and rewarding experience. I would sum up parenthood this far as every emotion bundled into raising one little person. There is so much joy, excitement, hopes, fears, frustration (with the occasional tears), and love. 
This once itty bitty baby…..

Is now this fun, crazy, energetic little boy:

The month has been very exciting around here. James start his position at Jackson High School in Everett and has had several shows with the big band MoJo and 20 Riverside. I ran another race with my father. This time one benefiting a local elementary school’s PTA. We’ve also had several visitors from out of state for Jimi’s birthday party and baptism (both on the same day). James’ grandparents made the long drive from Alabama and my mom and step-dad flew out from Virginia. I’ll write another post about Jimi’s baptism and birthday party another time but it is late and I’m sure I’ve only got a few hours before Jimi is awake again…

9 month check up

Jimi had his 9 month check up with his pediatrician today. He is now weighing in a 20lb 4oz (40.7 percentile) and is 29 inches long (70th percentile). Jimi only had to get one shot today and he took it like a champ. He only made a whimpering face for about 30 seconds, ate some snacks and was ready to go.
When we got to the doctors office they had me fill out a survey on Jimi’s language development, problem solving skills, social development and fine and gross motor skills. Each area had a few different situations listed and I had to rank whether Jimi did the scenario frequently, sometimes or never. The doctor said he ‘passed with flying colors’. She also said that he was where he should be developmentally and that he looked great.

Cruisin’ along some benches at one of James’ shows
In other Jimi news, he is now waving ‘hi’ (he hasn’t really figured out ‘bye’ yet) to select people, took one try to figure out climbing stairs, plays ‘fetch’ with Penny, and most recently started clapping his hands. He also turns the page while reading a book. As my Dad pointed out, apparently we don’t read as fast as him, as he flips through them pretty fast. It’s already a struggle to get him to eat normal solid foods but the doctor said there is no rush. I think he’s not a fan of most textures, except crunchy ones. He would eat puffs all day if I let him.
For some crazy reason I let my dad sign me up for the ‘Yankee Doodle Dash’ 5k in Everett on the Fourth of July. I’ve only been working out fairly consistently for about two months and most of that has been in the house using workout dvds, so I was a little weary of what to expect. My time was definitely not where it used to be but I did better than I excepted. I fully anticipated on utilizing the ‘walk’ option of this run/walk but I toughed it out and didn’t embarrass myself too much. Now that I’ve run my first race since high school, I definitely want to start doing more of them. I’ve even got James convinced to sign up for one in the fall with me.
Jimi giving me a pep talk before the race