Summer Recap

Hi. Remember us? Yeah, we’re still here. Life is still crazy and an adjustment with two kids. Rarely does either one of us have two free arms (I’m typing this with one hand right now) because they both want/need attention at the same. When we do have both arms free we both busy doing work (homework for me) which doesn’t leave much time for blogging. I’m not complaining though I love snuggles from both of them.

Despite the still gorgeous weather, summer vacation has come to end for us. The school year has started which means James is back to work and I am in full swing of my third semester of grad school. This summer was full of trips to the zoo, children’s museum, playing at parks, gigs,  and visits with family and friends. The highlight of our summer was the birth of our beautiful little girl and watching Jimi grow and learn more and more everyday.

Here’s a slideshow of pictures from our summer

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We hope you had a great summer!


Cecilia has arrived!

Cecilia Lynn Orr

Born July 28th, 2012


8lb 8oz, 19 inches

Cecilia finally made her arrival after a little coaxing from pitocin early Saturday morning after 17.5 hours of labor. She is absolutely beautiful, loves to snuggle and (so far) fusses very little and we’re all in love.  Here’s how the labor went:

5:30am– Check in at the hospital for induction, sit around waiting

6:00am– Taken to my room

7:00am- Nurse checks me and determines that I’m still at 1.5cm and 70% effaced.

9:00am- Pitocin drip is finally started

Lots of waiting around as contractions get stronger. Learn that my platelet count has now dropped to 95 (from 128) which can be dangerous when getting an epidural. Have a consult with the anesthesiologist to discuss pain management options should I decide I need them and what they would do if I needed a C-section.

6:00pm– The nurse checks me again and decides I haven’t made any progress (which seemed a little unlikely). The doctor on call decides to stop pitocin for the night and put me on cervadil to help things move along. I get to eat dinner!

7:00pm– The new nurse on duty checks me before placing the cervadil and decides that I am 3cm and 100% effaced. Pitocin is started again.

9:00pm– 4cm

11:30pm– 6-7cm. I decided to get some pain meds put into my iv to take the edge of the contractions. They don’t take the edge off but they do help me sleep in between each contraction lasted about 45 mins.

12am- The doctor checks me to see if they should break my water but Cecilia is still to high and they are worried about a cord prolapse. Still 6-7cm

2-2:30am– 9-10 cm, waiting for my water to break.

3:00’ish am– My water breaks

3:07am– Start pushing

3:18am– Cecilia is here!

Having a (nearly) unmedicated labor was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do but I’m so glad I was able to make it until the end, despite my pleas for an epidural just before pushing. I’m also glad everything went smoothly and there were no stalls or bad positioning of the baby or any complications. Her heart rate did drop a bit near the end as I struggled to breathe. (As a side note- being repeatedly told to breathe while struggling through pain is actually more distracting and makes you think about how you can’t breathe and in fact makes you breathe less).

I wish I could say that our stay at the hospital after Cecilia’s birth was pretty uneventful but my kids are all about the drama apparently and like to send me into cardiac arrest. While I was eating dinner on Saturday night, Cecilia lay in her bassinet. I heard her make a little noise so I looked over at her and saw her lips were purple and the rest of her face was turning that way too. I picked her up quickly and started patting her back while James ran into the hallway to get help. The nurses were able to swat/rub/shake her until she coughed up the gunk that was blocking her throat. Apparently she has swallowed a little too much amniotic fluid on her way out. Later the nurses used a feeding tube to clean out the rest of her stomach. I was absolutely terrified and an emotional wreck after that. Needless to say I didn’t really sleep that night fearful it would happen again. In fact I’m still pretty nervous about it.

Jimi was pretty timid meeting his sister for the first time. When he got to the room he quickly ran in to hand me a balloon and tried to run right back out. He then wanted to see his sister but he didn’t want her to come too close or to touch her. As soon as it was time to leave the hospital  though he wanted to help carry her car seat out to the car, hold her hand and smile at her in the car, and get her out of the seat as fast as possible to hold her once we were home. He loves to hold her, kiss her, tell her hi, and pat her back. He also likes to point out her ears and fingers. We’re so proud of how well he is doing with her. He is still adjusting though and is acting out a little in other ways by not listening and throwing massive tantrums over things he wouldn’t normally but you can tell he loves his little sister though.

Cecilia is adjusting quite well to being home. We were up a lot the first few nights but she is slowly sleeping better. After a bad start to nursing, she wasn’t latching correctly and didn’t want to eat very much, she is finally getting the hang of it and it looks like I won’t have to use a shield this time around (YAY!). At her 3 day check up her weight was down to 7lb 14oz which they said was an acceptable weight loss. She loves to be held and snuggled. She already has a pretty strong neck and can hold her head up for a second or two at a time. She is becoming more alert everyday. To sum it up: she’s pretty amazing and we’re fortunate to have a sweet healthy girl.

About to head to the hospital. 41 weeks pregnant

Our big girl

Family of Four!




Non-Stress Test

Last week my doctor scheduled a non-stress test for Monday (yesterday) in the event that I went past my due date with Cecilia.

The test is a simple procedure done to evaluate my amniotic fluid levels and how the baby is holding up in her environment. I had a quick ultrasound in one room and then they sent me over to triage (the ultrasound rooms were all booked up) to hook me up to the monitors for 30minutes.

We haven’t had an ultrasound since our anatomy screen, done around 19 weeks, so it was nice to get to see our little girl and to verify that yes she is still a girl. At the last ultrasound we had you could see all of Cecilia’s body in one frame and make out her little features. Because she is so big now and there is not much room left to expand we really couldn’t make out much of her body, except her heart and spine. They weren’t able to print us any pictures because her head is down with her face down. I’m not sure exactly what the results of my fluid levels were other than the tech said that it looked like I had plenty and that I would definitely know when my water broke, which are good things this late in the game when low fluids become a worry.

While in triage the nurses hooked me up to two monitors. One to monitor Cecilia’s heartbeat and one to measure my uterus movements (i.e. when I had a contraction or when she was moving). They do this to see how the baby is handling non-stressful everyday situations, as in not in labor. A good non-stress test will show that the baby’s heart rate goes up with each movement. Which, thankfully, is what Cecilia’s did.

Basically, what the test showed was that Cecilia appears to be holding up just fine and is taking her sweet time to make her arrival. I’m thinking we’re going to be using our induction appointment on Friday but I hope she can come on her own without medical intervention.

40 Weeks Bump Update- Still pregnant

I am 40 weeks 2 days pregnant. I’m overdue. It is kind of a let down to have your due date come and pass  with no baby in your arms as a reward for all of your hard work. This is especially true when your first child sent you into labor on your due date and was born the next day. I know that was a rare occurrence in the pregnancy world but it spoiled me and I can’t say that I wasn’t hoping it would happen again. That being said, all I really want is a healthy, chubby little girl so if that means she needs to stay put a little longer so be it. I actually don’t feel that bad physically but mentally is another story. I’m grumpy, tired, and stressed. A word to the wise: Don’t continually (or even more than once) ask a pregnant lady who is past her due date when she is going to have the baby. Also, I can’t accommodate requests for when she should be born. It’s a bit nerve-racking when you have absolutely no control over the situation.

At my 39 week check up, my doctor was out of town so I saw another OB in the office. He said I was about 1cm dilated and about 70% effaced. He predicted I would be in labor in a week (wrong!). At my 40 week (well 39 weeks 5days) appointment my doctor said I was 1.5cm dilated and 80% effaced. Cecilia’s heartbeat was 135-140bpm. I was measuring 40 weeks and my blood pressure was still pretty low 106/68. All good things for a super pregnant lady.

If I don’t go into labor beforehand (which I’m thinking isn’t likely, I am the second child in my family and was two weeks late) I have an ultrasound and non-stress test on Monday to check my fluid levels and how Cecilia is holding up in there and an induction scheduled for Friday.

*How far along?: 40 weeks 2 Days

*Total weight gain?: 31lbs

*How big is baby?: Jackfruit (again, what is that?), 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb.

*Sleep?: Not much of that going on between frequent trips to the bathroom, having to do a 3-point turn to roll over, and a lot on my mind.

*Best moment this week?: My mom coming into town.

*Movement?: She’s still kicking up a storm.

*Food cravings?: None really.

*Labor Signs?: Yes. Lots of contractions now I just need them to come at regular intervals.

*Belly button in or out?: All the way out.

*What I miss?: Sleeping

*What I am looking forward to?: Miss Cecilia’s arrival sometime in the next week.

38 Weeks Update

Only two weeks until Cecilia’s due date! I’m hoping she hangs in there that long. I had a weekly check up at the doctor’s office today. I am measuring at almost 39 weeks and Cecilia’s heartrate was 135bpm. Everything is just cruising along which is a nice change to the stressful times we had with high fluids and many ultrasounds at the end of my pregnancy with Jimi.

*How far along?: 38 Weeks

*Total weight gain?: 29lbs

*How big is baby?: Pumpkin, 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb (not much change in size estimates from last week).

*Sleep?: Eh, getting harder and harder to come by.

*Best moment this week?: Jimi falling asleep on my bump for a couple of minutes (see picture below)

*Movement?: Still a lot of STRONG kicks and punches

*Food cravings?: Nothing new, just sweets and lots of it.

*Labor Signs?: Contractions are starting to get a little painful.

*Belly button in or out?: Out, Out, Out

*What I miss?: Not running into random things with my belly.

*What I am looking forward to?: Finishing off our to-do list.

37 Weeks Update

37 Weeks = Full Term!!

*How far along?: 37 Weeks 3 Days

*Total weight gain?: 28lbs

*How big is baby?: According The Bump, the size of a Winter Melon (what is that?) – Average size: 18.9-20.9 inches, 6.2-9.2 lb

*Sleep?: Waking up at least every two hours to use the bathroom, unfortunately not the same hours that Jimi is waking up so nights are pretty long.

*Best moment this week?: Having a wonderful birthday (today!) with my family.

*Movement?: Starting to slow down a little bit but very strong movements when she is awake.

*Food cravings?: None really, except I finally got Trophy Cupcakes that I’ve been craving my whole pregnancy.

*Labor Signs?: More and more contractions with a bit more pain going on.

*Belly button in or out?: All of the way out, poor thing.

*What I miss?: Sleeping without pain (my hips are starting to hurt  a lot!)

*What I am looking forward to?: Sonic! We’re on our way there for my birthday lunch right now.


101 Things To Do

I must have had the nesting urge on Monday because I went a little crazy trying to get things done on my to-do-before-Cecilia-arrives list and trying to get some cleaning done.

Sidenote: it is impossible to clean a bathroom with a toddler around when he doesn’t understand why he can’t play with a toilet bowl brush and bleach cleaner. Just wait Jimi, you’ll be complaining about having to clean the toilet in a few years.

I feel as though we have so much to get done before Cecilia arrives and I constantly have a to-do list running through my head. I finally sat down and wrote out what I could remember so it’s not filling up my brain. It’s a pretty long list that is sure to keep growing. Thankfully, James will be home for the summer after tomorrow and there are only a few items that are crucial to get done before Cecilia is born.

I’m also starting my second course of the semester onMonday and need to get as much work as possible done early since we’ll be on third week of seven for the course at the time of Cecilia’s due date.

In other news, I had a check up with the doctor today. He didn’t say how big I was measuring but it must have been within the normal 3 week range or I would have been sent for an ultrasound. Her heartbeat was 135-140bpm and is facing head down still. My blood pressure has been staying nice and low at 100/60 for the last two appointments. I only have three appointments left (one a week) until my due date!