Cecilia 12 month check up and photo shoot

I forgot to mention on my previous post about Cecilia that she recent had her 12 month check up at the doctors and a little birthday photo shoot (not at the same time).

Cecilia’s Stats: Weight- 20lbs (51st percentile), Height- 29.5″ (56th percentile)

This was the first appointment that she has been in a higher percentile for height than weight.

Cecilia and I both caught a nasty bug on the airplane and got hit pretty hard with stomach sickness the day before her 12 month check up. So needless to say she wasn’t her usual perky self for the appointment and probably weighed a little bit less than before the stomach bug. It also means that we get to go back for a second appointment so she can get her vaccinations.

Next week she has her first dentist appointment!

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon a new photographer who a few friends from high school had used, Ashley (Photography by Ashley Mae). We used her for our family pictures last Fall and are hooked. We love her work.  She took Cecilia’s 6 month pictures, 12 month pictures and we already have scheduled an appointment for Jimi’s 3 year pictures. If you live in Washington and don’t mind traveling to the Camano Island area, I would definitely check her out. She’s great with kids, super patient, and has a great eye for getting great shots.

Here are some of Cecilia’s pictures:


Cecilia’s 6 Month Pictures

I showed a little sneak peak of Cecilia’s 6 month photo shoot on my last post. The photographer made an exception and did an indoor shoot for us (she usually only does newborns indoors) and asked me not to share the rest on facebook because she was getting a lot of requests for this style session and she had a hard time turning people down. We got the rest of the images the other day and I just had to share some of them because she is just so beautiful. Enjoy!

All photo credits go to Photography by Ashley Mae

DSC_7107copyDSC_7081copy DSC_7114copy DSC_7176copy

(Family- we’ll get you better quality copies of these pictures)