Speech Therapy for Jimi

At Jimi’s three year well check with his doctor we (well James, I had to work :/ ) addressed our concerns with Jimi’s speech. While his vocabulary, comprehension, and ability to formulate complex sentences is outstanding, his pronunciation is not. Jimi leaves off the final sounds of most words. While we (James and I) typically understand him, most other people have a hard time if they’re not accustomed to Jimi-nese.

Our super amazing and supportive pediatrician Dr. Katsh referred Jimi to a speech evaluation at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s division in Everett. After the evaluation they noted that he was advanced in most areas but was behind in his termination sounds. The therapists there recommended that Jimi see a speech therapist once a week.

We had a lot of difficulty scheduling issues and were not able to send Jimi to the speech therapists with Children’s because we need a late afternoon/evening appointments and they did not have any weekly appointments currently available. We were fortunate to discover Bothell Pediatric and Hand Therapy which was able to accommodate our schedule, is only a few miles from my work, and has late enough appointments that I am able to attend his therapy sessions too.

Each week Jimi meets with his therapist, Danny, for “play sessions”. At Jimi’s age one of the most effective ways to help his speech is through regular play and activities he does everyday. The therapy center has a big train set that Jimi asks to play with every single week. While Jimi and Danny are playing, Danny works with Jimi when he hears Jimi dropping off the sounds of the word he ask him to repeat it and works on helping him figure out the sound. Before we started going to therapy we had been trying to work with Jimi to learn how to finish his words but he often became resistant and upset with us.  Jimi loves going to speech therapy each week and has never put up any resistance towards Danny.

At the end of each session Jimi is sent home with some “homework” consisting of a terminal sound to focus on.


Jimi began the weekly therapy sessions in late November and I definitely feel like we are seeing some improvements. While Jimi still needs some prompting to finish his words, he frequently does so without prompting and is less frustrated with our attempts to assist him.

I know that Jimi is young and he would have likely developed his speech over time without assistance. But I also know what he is gaining confidence in his speech now with some assistance. There may be critics of early intervention in such forms as speech, but if we’re help to help eliminate some of his frustrations and give him the tools he needs to be a clear speaker early on, than I am all for it.


Just Keep Swimming

To sum up how we have been since my last post in two words: extremely busy.

Between finishing my Master’s degree, working, juggling everyone’s schedules and the holiday season it feels like I am finally just starting to be able to come up for air. Here’s hoping that our 2014 will be a little more stress free and full of amazing adventures.

Things that we have been able to squeeze in during our free time:

  • Attend three super cute kids birthday parties
  • Took the cutest trash can and ladybug you’ve ever seen trick-or-treating
  • Ran another 5k that benefited the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Had a nice visit from my Mom and step-dad Gary for a long weekend
  • Took Jimi and Cecilia to their first movie in the theater
  • Celebrated James turning 30 years old with a jam session and an old fashioned house party
  • Take Jimi and Cecilia for a trip on the Santa Train on the Snoqualmie Railroad
  • Had a nice surprise visit and dinner with James Aunt Ali and her boyfriend Dan
  • Celebrated and early Thanksgiving with my family
  • Had a date night via Jimi’s preschool’s parent’s night out
  • Stated taking Jimi to speech therapy once a week (hopefully I’ll get to another post on that soon)
  • Had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving with James’ Dad, step-mom Karen,  his Jennifer, and Grandma Dorothy
  • Traumatized Cecilia and made Jimi’s dreams come true simultaneously when they both met Santa
  • Enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve with James’ Mom, step-dad Jamie, and Jennifer
  • Spent Christmas with my Dad, his girlfriend Ann and my sister’s family

know there is more but my brain is fried. If I forgot anything super awesome that we did with you, please forgive me.

And just because I love looking at pictures of my cute family over and over here is a little slide show of the last few months. Enjoy!

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Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch at The Farm in Snohomish, WA. We have been going there for the last eight year. You can see some of my past posts about the pumpkin patch here and here.

I’m pretty sure the pumpkin patch is one of Jimi’s favorite places. He’s been talking about going back to the pumpkin patch ever since we left it last year. It probably didn’t help that we kept a picture of him at the pumpkin patch on the refrigerator…

It was a pretty gloomy morning the day we were going to go to the pumpkin patch. We decided to wait until after nap time to head to the patch, which worked out in our favor because it turned into a beautiful fall day.

It was Jimi’s second time going to the pumpkin patch that week because he had gone with his preschool on a field trip there. Cecilia was only two months old when we took her last year so this was her first real trip to the pumpkin patch. Both kids had a great time looking at all of the animals and running around the pumpkin patch field.

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Jimi’s Garbage Truck Bash

When I asked Jimi several months ago kind of party he wanted to have for his birthday he quickly insisted that he wanted a garbage truck party. I kept asking him for the next couple months and he never wavered. At one point I almost had him convinced that he wanted a Curious George birthday party, but then he informed me that his dad wanted a Curious George birthday party. (Surprise honey!).

I was a little nervous trying to figure out what to do for the party but if you search pinterest and etsy for garbage truck parties there is a surprising number of results.

Decorations for Jimi’s party were pretty easy. We put balloons on the recycling bins and garbage cans in front of the house (green and yellow for Waste management colors). But it was raining too hard for the balloons to stay up.  I went to the dollar store and bought a foam wreath which is wrapped with newspaper that I frayed and then hung one of Jimi’s toy garbage trucks in the middle of (I forgot to take a picture of that though, sorry).

For inside decorations we went some good ol’ streamers and balloons. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time making a streamer garland with newspaper and plastic bag strips in it to give it a recycled look. It took me a while to get the hang of tying the streamer and newspaper pieces on without them tearing. You have do it really gently and don’t pull it all the way tight.

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We happened to go to a “Touch a Truck” event in Marysville the week before. (Which is exactly what is sounds like. The city had a ton of different types of city vehicles, buses, firetrucks, excavators, etc out of kids to sit and climb on and mess around with). At the “Touch a truck” event they had two different garbage trucks for Jimi’s viewing pleasure. I took a picture from the event and it printed in 16×20 at Costco. I hung in the middle of a wood frame that I’d been hanging onto  that came with a dishwasher delivery. To make it look a little nicer I made a mini pennant banner to hang across the top.



We didn’t do anything too special in the way of theme foods (who wants to eat trash?) but I did make some good old fashion dirt cups. a garbage truck cake and some green cake pops with yellow sprinkles.  We also had a veggie  tray, chex mix, cheese and crackers, pigs in a blanket and a delicious brisket that my Dad started smoking at 4 am (THANKS Dad!!!)

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Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Jimi’s party and help make his birthday special!

To Jimi: Three Years Old

My sweet Jimi boy,

When you read this years and years for now and notice the late posting date, please forgive me, we have been a bit busy in our house lately. But that doesn’t make you any less special or awesome.

Here is a quick recap of your last year, your accomplishments, and overall amazingness.

  • You have greatly expanded your palate and now will eat pasta (no sauce), steak, broccoli, spinach leaves, hot dogs, pork loin, and more.
  • You started your first year of preschool and LOVE IT.
  • You love your sister to no end.
  • You ask “why?” to just about everything.
  • You are very good about minding your manners and are make sure mom and dad do to.
  • Your vocabulary has grown immensely.
  • You have held an alligator.
  • You went to Universal Studios Orlando for the first time this year.
  • You rode on Thomas the train, a monorail, and several small trains at zoos, amusement parks, etc.
  • You are very stubborn when you want to be.
  • But you are also very sweet and compassionate and love to give hugs and snuggle.
  • You took two trips to the East coast in the last year.
  • You LOVE garbage trucks.
  • You even got to sit in two garbage trucks this year.
  • You also had a garbage truck themed birthday party.
  • You were fully potty trained just a few weeks after your second birthday.
  • You also love trains, dinosaurs, trucks of any kind, and holidays.
  • You impress Mommy and Daddy daily with how well you can form sentences, questions, and complex ideas.
  • You are begin to start imaginary play and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • You have no fear of animals, heights, or climbing on dangerous things.
  • You help wash the dishes and take out the trash.
  • Your memory is impeccable and you frequently surprise Mommy and Daddy with your knowledge.
  • You are intelligent, funny, handsome, and kind.

You are such a joy and we are so blessed to have you in our family. I LOVE you!




P.S. At your three year check up you weighed 32lbs (54 percentile) and 38.25inches (64th percentile)

Jimi’s First Day Of Preschool

Last May we registered Jimi for preschool at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Jimi was baptized at the church, my mom used to teach preschool there and it’s a great program, so the choice was pretty easy about where to go. I just didn’t think time would fly so fast before his first day.

Two weeks ago we had orientation at the school so he could see his classroom meet his teachers and get a feel for the school. For the following week Jimi kept asking me when he could go back to school. Well his chance finally came this week.

130 136Jimi was s excited to go to school, it made me even more excited for him. I know that he will learn A LOT while he is there and that he will also develop many friendships, but no one except for family members has ever watched him so it was a little difficult for me to leave him behind. I thought I would cry a little but I think his enthusiasm for school helped me keep it in. I definitely felt emotional but I know that he is ready for this next step and that he is in good hands at the school.


Sitting in his spot at circle time, waiting for class to start.

When Cecilia and I picked him up from school, he greeted us with the biggest smile and hug. I think he mostly took away the playing and making friends aspects of school for the first day, and that’s ok, he is supposed to be doing those things.


Post-first day special lunch!

Since his first day of school, he has thrown two tantrums wanting to go back, asked what type of cereal and chips he can bring for snack, and continuously brings up school when something reminds his of it. I am so glad he had a great time and wants to go back. It’s also a little bittersweet for me though because I will be entering the workforce once again on Monday and I will no longer get to spend all of these special moments with him. I know that we will still have our special moments together but I am definitely going to miss doing the everyday routines with him, like taking him to school.  I’m sure he will hardly notice I’m gone though.

Here’s hoping for a successful year of preschool for Jimi.



Evergreen State Fair

We to the fair two weeks ago, so I’d say that this post is pretty much on time with how frequently I’ve been blogging.

I’m a fair person. There I said it. I love everything about it. The rides, the pig races, the greasy over-sized proportions of food, the smelly animals, everything. I have been going to the Evergreen State Fair with my family every year since 1993.  James isn’t really a fair person but he’s been a trooper for the last four years that I’ve asked him to go with me and put up with me shoveling a large brick sized portion of curly fries in my mouth (I’m getting hungry thinking about them).

There’s something more magical about seeing your kids experience the fair. Everything is still so big and exciting to them. This was the first year that Jimi knew what the rides were and was excited to go on them (it’s also probably the last year we can get away with only letting him go on a few of them). He also remember riding the ponies last year and couldn’t wait to get back on them. When we went to the fair last year Cecilia was only 3 weeks old, so of course everything was new and exiting to her. Cecilia LOVES animals. But she likes them to keep their respective distance from her. As soon as she spots an animal (of any kind) she starts yelling, pointing, and waving. As soon as she gets close to said animal, she starts frantically waving, crying/whimpering, and scurrying to get away, which is actually pretty cute.

Everyone had a good time at the fair this year and it was a great way to end the summer.

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