Just Keep Swimming

To sum up how we have been since my last post in two words: extremely busy.

Between finishing my Master’s degree, working, juggling everyone’s schedules and the holiday season it feels like I am finally just starting to be able to come up for air. Here’s hoping that our 2014 will be a little more stress free and full of amazing adventures.

Things that we have been able to squeeze in during our free time:

  • Attend three super cute kids birthday parties
  • Took the cutest trash can and ladybug you’ve ever seen trick-or-treating
  • Ran another 5k that benefited the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Had a nice visit from my Mom and step-dad Gary for a long weekend
  • Took Jimi and Cecilia to their first movie in the theater
  • Celebrated James turning 30 years old with a jam session and an old fashioned house party
  • Take Jimi and Cecilia for a trip on the Santa Train on the Snoqualmie Railroad
  • Had a nice surprise visit and dinner with James Aunt Ali and her boyfriend Dan
  • Celebrated and early Thanksgiving with my family
  • Had a date night via Jimi’s preschool’s parent’s night out
  • Stated taking Jimi to speech therapy once a week (hopefully I’ll get to another post on that soon)
  • Had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving with James’ Dad, step-mom Karen,  his Jennifer, and Grandma Dorothy
  • Traumatized Cecilia and made Jimi’s dreams come true simultaneously when they both met Santa
  • Enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve with James’ Mom, step-dad Jamie, and Jennifer
  • Spent Christmas with my Dad, his girlfriend Ann and my sister’s family

know there is more but my brain is fried. If I forgot anything super awesome that we did with you, please forgive me.

And just because I love looking at pictures of my cute family over and over here is a little slide show of the last few months. Enjoy!

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A very late Pumpkin Carving and Halloween post

*I’ve been trying to get the post done for weeks but wordpress and life have been conspiring against me.*

It took us about a week after getting our pumpkins to finally get around to carving them. And then it took almost another week to finish them. We usually just free hand  carving our pumpkins and always use our kitchen spoons and knives for gutting and carving the pumpkins. This year however, I decided I wanted cute looking pumpkins and picked out a few pumpkin carving stencil and utensil sets at Target. One of them was a Sesame Street set so Jimi could pick his on design and have a pumpkin that was recognizable to him.

Jimi doesn’t know too many characters from Sesame Street but he does know Elmo, Grover, Bert and Ernie. Instead of picking one of those he picked Big Bird. Which happened to be the hardest one in the pack. Great. Jimi kind of helped me gut his pumpkin he wasn’t a big fan of getting “dirty” as he called it. After that it took me forever to put the stencil onto the pumpkin and then I promptly broke the little knife that came with the kit and was needed for all of the thin cut outs. Which is why it took us a week to finish them all because I had to find another pumpkin carving set which  they never seemed to have at the store when I would remember I needed one.


Jimi also painted a pumpkin he got from a friend’s mom

We went trick-or-treating a little bit around North Everett and then headed up to my dad’s neighborhood. Jimi was a little too good at trick-or-treating this year. He loved running up to houses and knocking on the door. He got a little too excited and would just grab candy out of the buckets without invitation a few times and would request certain types of candy… at least he said thank you. Thankfully most people thought it was cute and we tried working on his manners in between houses. We didn’t dress Cecilia up because it was cold, she wasn’t getting any candy and she was in the carrier.

Someone got a little sleepy in the carrier.

Trick or Treat

Last year Jimi was only a month old so we didn’t take him trick or treating (a little bit because it would be cold and maybe a lot a bit because we didn’t think people would give candy to a one month old). Here is our little monkey last year:

He was a sleepy monkey

This year we took him to my Dad’s neighborhood in Everett, since we live out in the country and have about 4 neighbors. I was a pretty sure Jimi wouldn’t have a clue what to do and would get tired of it pretty easy but he proved me wrong! Within two houses he was knocking on the door and standing patiently holding his bucket waiting for candy. He even picked out what he wanted at a couple of houses and waved bye to the greeters. It was awesome. He was so excited he was trying to run to the next house… while looking into his bucket which lead to a couple of stumbles but he didn’t mind.

At one point Jimi got a hold of a Dum-Dum, had it opened, and in his mouth with a death grip and bite on it so we had to wrestle it from him. Little stinker. We met up with my sister and her son a little later for some pictures.

Here are some pictures from the evening. I’m putting them in slide show format again. I hope you enjoy!

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