Cecilia- 18 months old

On January 28th this little raggamuffin


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turned 18 months old.

Cecilia Lynn is our little spitfire. She knows what she wants and she wants it right then. She’s stubborn, extremely smart, looks up to her big brother, is very loving, loves music, dancing, coloring, and giving hugs and kisses. Cecilia is mastering using a fork while eating and climbing up and downstairs. She recently figured out how to climb onto our very high up bed. I’m sure climbing out of her crib is next. Cecilia is also working on potty training. She frequently asks to sit on the toilet and has actually done her business on there a few times.

Cecilia’s vocabulary is AMAZING! I read that the average vocabulary for an 18 month old is 5-20 words. On Cecilia’s half birthday, James and I sat down to write out all of the words that we knew Cecilia could say, just off the top of our heads. We were able to list over 90 words!! And the list just keeps going the more we think about it. She is also able to put together two to three words. I thought about typing them all out on here but I really just don’t have the concentration for that right now (the Olympics are on right now) and I don’t want to bore everyone.

At her 18 month  weighed 22lb 12oz (52 percentile) and was 31.5″  inches long (39 percentile)


To Jimi: Three Years Old

My sweet Jimi boy,

When you read this years and years for now and notice the late posting date, please forgive me, we have been a bit busy in our house lately. But that doesn’t make you any less special or awesome.

Here is a quick recap of your last year, your accomplishments, and overall amazingness.

  • You have greatly expanded your palate and now will eat pasta (no sauce), steak, broccoli, spinach leaves, hot dogs, pork loin, and more.
  • You started your first year of preschool and LOVE IT.
  • You love your sister to no end.
  • You ask “why?” to just about everything.
  • You are very good about minding your manners and are make sure mom and dad do to.
  • Your vocabulary has grown immensely.
  • You have held an alligator.
  • You went to Universal Studios Orlando for the first time this year.
  • You rode on Thomas the train, a monorail, and several small trains at zoos, amusement parks, etc.
  • You are very stubborn when you want to be.
  • But you are also very sweet and compassionate and love to give hugs and snuggle.
  • You took two trips to the East coast in the last year.
  • You LOVE garbage trucks.
  • You even got to sit in two garbage trucks this year.
  • You also had a garbage truck themed birthday party.
  • You were fully potty trained just a few weeks after your second birthday.
  • You also love trains, dinosaurs, trucks of any kind, and holidays.
  • You impress Mommy and Daddy daily with how well you can form sentences, questions, and complex ideas.
  • You are begin to start imaginary play and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • You have no fear of animals, heights, or climbing on dangerous things.
  • You help wash the dishes and take out the trash.
  • Your memory is impeccable and you frequently surprise Mommy and Daddy with your knowledge.
  • You are intelligent, funny, handsome, and kind.

You are such a joy and we are so blessed to have you in our family. I LOVE you!




P.S. At your three year check up you weighed 32lbs (54 percentile) and 38.25inches (64th percentile)

Cecilia 12 month check up and photo shoot

I forgot to mention on my previous post about Cecilia that she recent had her 12 month check up at the doctors and a little birthday photo shoot (not at the same time).

Cecilia’s Stats: Weight- 20lbs (51st percentile), Height- 29.5″ (56th percentile)

This was the first appointment that she has been in a higher percentile for height than weight.

Cecilia and I both caught a nasty bug on the airplane and got hit pretty hard with stomach sickness the day before her 12 month check up. So needless to say she wasn’t her usual perky self for the appointment and probably weighed a little bit less than before the stomach bug. It also means that we get to go back for a second appointment so she can get her vaccinations.

Next week she has her first dentist appointment!

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon a new photographer who a few friends from high school had used, Ashley (Photography by Ashley Mae). We used her for our family pictures last Fall and are hooked. We love her work.  She took Cecilia’s 6 month pictures, 12 month pictures and we already have scheduled an appointment for Jimi’s 3 year pictures. If you live in Washington and don’t mind traveling to the Camano Island area, I would definitely check her out. She’s great with kids, super patient, and has a great eye for getting great shots.

Here are some of Cecilia’s pictures:

Dear Cecilia: 6 Months Old

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Dear Cecilia,

You are 6 months and 1 week old, keeping up with my trend I am late in posting this once again. You are turning into such an amazing little girl and I can’t believe how fast you are growing up. Just after I wrote your 5 month letter you began army crawling/inch worm scooting all of over the house. Whenever you’re placed on the floor with your toys you immediately head straight for your brother’s much smaller and more dangerous toys. You’re also discovering that there is a world beyond the living room and can be found crawling into the kitchen and bathroom. You are sitting up more and more but still need to have a spotter nearby just in case.

You prefer to have more adult food and are not a big fan of baby food. You love avocado, strawberries and feeding yourself crackers. We recently let you try out a sippy cup after catching you taking Jimi’s a few times. You are already getting the hang of it. Your sleeping habits are getting better. You already put yourself to sleep for nap time and at night. As long as you have your binky, you are content.

You have the best laugh and a smile that lights up a room. Everyone comments on what a happy baby you are. You are constantly observing your surroundings and I am sure it won’t be long before your forming words. We love you so much and it is such a joy to watch you grow.



P.S. At your six month check up you weighed 16lbs (48th percentile) and were 25.6inches (38.4 percentile)…(I have no idea who you get being short from) and you only fussed for a second while you got your shots.

P.P.S Here is a sneak peak from you 6 month photo shoot


For Jimi: 2 Years Old

Dear Jimi,

Well it happened, your Dad and I blinked after your first birthday party and then you turned two. The last year has been amazing to watch you grow, learn, explore, and become an independent little man. You love to give hugs and kisses and push all the boundaries and our buttons at the same time. Although there are struggles with learning how to manage an independent two year old, you light up our lives every day and we can’t wait to see how much more you learn in the next year. At your two year check up you weighed 29 lbs (63 percentile) and were 35.5 inches (80th percentile).

Here’s some facts about you this year:

  • You have yet to sleep through the night (except for the two nights you stayed with Aunt Stephanie)
  • You are a big brother
  • You love to hold, kiss and talk to your little sister
  • You are picky eater. You stick to meat and carbohydrates
  • You have a strong obsession love of garbage trucks and trains
  • You have begun the process of potty training
  • You know the colors blue and green without fail
  • You speak in three word sentences.
  • Sometimes you speak in four word sentences.
  • You scrunch up your face when you are trying to say something new that is hard.
  • You are a pro at walking up and down stairs with no assistence
  • You love to run and jump and climb on everything
  • You get a lot of bruises from all of your running, jumping and climbing
  • You give amazing hugs
  • You are taking medicine to help you go #2
  • You have been to the zoo almost a dozen times
  • You love the children’s museum
  • Your favorite number is two. You like to have two of everything
  • You caught up in the teeth department and now only need your two year molars
  • You sleep in a big boy bed (twin bed)
  • You love going to the park
  • You’ve had three haircuts
  • You have pet a kanagroo and fed a llama
  • You like following around big kids
  • You talk about your cousin John and your friend Miles
  • You have rode on a pony
  • You love Toy Story but you call it Buzz and Woody
  • You love to draw
  • You like to help mommy and daddy cook
  • You run to your sister for a hug when you are hurt
  • You like to do everything by yourself (you tell us”do it self ” all the time)
  • You are a little parrot and mimic mommy and daddy
  • You constantly amaze mommy and daddy with how smart you are and how much you know and understand
  • You are an opinionated little two year old
  • You like to ride in the hiking backpack
  • You sleep with a glow-seahorse (named Ted), a Mariner’s moose, a lamb, a polar bear hat, a monkey security blanket, a water bottle, and two blankets every night
  • You are amazing and we are lucky to have you as our son

We LOVE you!

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Dear Cecilia: 2 Months Old

Dear Cecilia,

Just like last month, this letter is late. Things have been a little busy though. On the day you turned two months we began moving to a new house. You will now have a room all to yourself… If I ever can find enough time to set it up that is. You had your two month check up with the doctor last week. You were weighing 11lb 12 oz (55th percentile) and were 22.6 inches long (52nd percentile). You were not a happy camper at the appointment and cried for nearly the entire time. Surprisingly you cried less after you had your first round of shots than you were before.

You do not normally cry very much though, unless we’re trying to give you a bottle or you are riding in your car seat. We are working on getting you to take a bottle more often so Mommy can have a break from feeding you once in a while but you are still pretty resistant to the idea. I have a feeling that you are not going to like change very much, just like me, while you are growing up.

You are a very smiley baby. All Daddy or I have to do is smile at you a little and you will offer a big smile in return. You talk a lot. I think you will be laughing very soon. You like to watch your older brother as he bounces through the house but that could just be because he is the loudest person in the house. Whenever I go to the store people stop me to tell me how pretty you are but they don’t need to tell me, I already know.



Cecilia’s two week check-up

Cecilia is two weeks old today. Time is a funny thing. It feels like she was just born yesterday and at the same time like she’s been with our family for much longer. We’re still getting a handle on how to manage having two kids under two, but we’re getting there. I’m so thankful Cecilia was a Summer baby so I have James home to help! If he wasn’t here I’m pretty sure I would never get to eat or shower.

At Cecilia’s two week check up (on Thursday) she weighed: 9lbs (85th percentile) and was 20.5″ (68th percentile). The doctor was really impressed with her growth since just a little over a week earlier Cecilia was weighing 7lb 14oz. At this appointment she had to get her blood drawn for her second PKU test (a test for several abnormalities) and the did a blood count to make sure her platelets were not affected by my low count (her counts were normal). The doctor and the lab tech were both impressed by how strong Cecilia is, she was fighting them both off.

Cecilia is sleeping pretty well. She likes to be rocked or bounced to sleep. A couple of nights I’ve had to try to wake her to feed her but at the same time a few nights she’s woken up at 2am and been fidgety and fussy for two hours. She eats like a champ, every two to three hours and occasionally a couple of hours back to back. She has long periods during the day where she is awake and extremely alert just absorbing everything around her… which is mostly Jimi giving her big sloppy kisses and hugs.  She makes funny faces, is ticklish, and we can already tell she’s a little goofy which means she fits in perfectly with our family.

Oh yeah.. she goes poop… a lot