Dear Cecilia: 7 Months Old

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Dear Sweet Cecilia,

Yesterday you turned 7 months old and for the first time since I began these posts, I am only a day behind. Your biggest milestone achieved in the last month is that you have pulled yourself up into a standing position a handful of times. I know once you get that mastered, walking won’t be far behind it. There’s no rush so feel free to slow down. You are still army crawling/scooting all of the house. You get up off your belly to crawl but just wiggle a little bit. I think you’ve figured out that for now you can get around pretty fast doing the army crawl thing. Your new favorite place to crawl is under the dinning table and through the chairs. I have to keep up with my vacuuming because we are constantly finding you raking up and eating little treasures of food that your brother has dropped onto the floor.

There haven’t been any teeth sightings in your mouth yet but you appear to be teething pretty hard. You like to chew on anything you can get your hands on and sometimes get fussy at night *we think* because your gums are bothering you. Hopefully a tooth will break through soon so you get can some relief. In the last month you have developed quite the appetite and prefer eating food to drinking bottles. I think a lot of times you out eat your brother. You LOVE to feed yourself “puff” and “yogurt melt” snacks (Mommy likes to sneak a few too, they’re delicious). You love all things having to do with your brother which can get you into trouble when he’s not in the mood for sharing.

Your hair has taken on a unique pattern. It is quite long (going over your eyes) and brown in the front and short and blonde in the back. I like to refer to it as a reverse mullet.  You can look that up a mullet is when you’re older.

I love listening to your sweet laugh/cackle and your chattering. As always, you are such as a joy.

Love, Mommy


Dear Cecilia: 6 Months Old

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Dear Cecilia,

You are 6 months and 1 week old, keeping up with my trend I am late in posting this once again. You are turning into such an amazing little girl and I can’t believe how fast you are growing up. Just after I wrote your 5 month letter you began army crawling/inch worm scooting all of over the house. Whenever you’re placed on the floor with your toys you immediately head straight for your brother’s much smaller and more dangerous toys. You’re also discovering that there is a world beyond the living room and can be found crawling into the kitchen and bathroom. You are sitting up more and more but still need to have a spotter nearby just in case.

You prefer to have more adult food and are not a big fan of baby food. You love avocado, strawberries and feeding yourself crackers. We recently let you try out a sippy cup after catching you taking Jimi’s a few times. You are already getting the hang of it. Your sleeping habits are getting better. You already put yourself to sleep for nap time and at night. As long as you have your binky, you are content.

You have the best laugh and a smile that lights up a room. Everyone comments on what a happy baby you are. You are constantly observing your surroundings and I am sure it won’t be long before your forming words. We love you so much and it is such a joy to watch you grow.



P.S. At your six month check up you weighed 16lbs (48th percentile) and were 25.6inches (38.4 percentile)…(I have no idea who you get being short from) and you only fussed for a second while you got your shots.

P.P.S Here is a sneak peak from you 6 month photo shoot


Dear Cecilia: 5 Months Old

295 303 286Dear Cecilia,

You turned 5 months old on your first family vacation in Virginia. Time seemed to get away from us while we were there so your 5 months pictures were taken a little late. I’m sure you’ll forgive us.

This last month you started rolling over in your sleep so we had to stop swaddling you at night. It proved to be a challenge at first but you’re getting used to sleeping with your arms out. Now you wish to sleep with your pacifier in your mouth which can be problematic (and tiring for mommy and daddy) since you often spit it out during your sleep and wake up screaming to have it back. We are hoping you return to the amazing sleeper you once were soon.

Your little personality is shining through more and more everyday. You have quite a big set of lungs on you and are often yelling out of frustration and happiness. You still get a lot of joy out of watching your big brother and your face lights up whenever he’s near. You love to put pretty much everything into your mouth, including Jimi’s hair. We think you may be getting teeth soon but you stick your tongue out whenever we try to check for them. We are slowly introducing “solid” foods to you. Some days you like eating and others you have no interest so we are taking our time and not being pushy about it.

You are getting very mobile and can roll/scoot across a room.  Daddy and I think you will be crawling soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be growing up so fast.



A small feeding milestone

As I’ve mentioned on here many times, Jimi is not a good eater. Despite taking to mush quickly when we first started feeding him, he does not care for most real food. Because what he was willing to eat was so limited we had still been spoon feeding him some baby food to help supplement his diet of bread, peanut butter, crackers, and chicken nuggets with something more nutritious.

For a little over a month now Jimi has been slowly opening up to trying more foods and surprising us when he actually takes what we offer him. He has also be refusing to eat the mush food. I know 18 month olds shouldn’t be eating containers of baby food, but I worry about him getting enough nutrients because he still is pretty picky. I suppose that is why we give him vitamins as well.

Today I packed up all of the left over food we had that wouldn’t be past the expiration date by the time Cecilia is starting foods. The rest will be going to the local food bank. It’s nice to have not spend the money on baby food and to finally see Jimi branching out to new foods. Just one more indication that he has left babyhood and becoming a big kid. Now we just need to get him out of diapers…..

Cheerios and bacon anyone?

One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

It seemed like Jimi was making progress with his picky eating habits. He was trying almost anything we forced stuck in his mouth. Sometimes there was crying involved but usually once he got a taste of it he would eat whatever it was. My big accomplishment was getting him to eat chicken nuggets (well a few small bites of one nugget). I know, I know. They’re not the healthiest option, but ours are all white meat and bread with whole grain… but I’m not exactly worried about this kid tipping the scales anytime soon. The highest weight percentile he’s been in since his 2 month check up is 43rd.

Mmm Chicken nuggets and dried cranberries for dinner

And now after all of that progress… Jimi doesn’t want to eat. Well, he does want to eat but he just wants to run around snacking all day. On Sunday, he ate breakfast like normal but that was about it. When we’d put him in his chair at meal times to feed him he would just scream, cry, and throw food all over. I know that this is normal and most kids go through this phase. But I’m not a fan. He’s already a string bean, I want him to eat! Any suggestions?

New Routine

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we hadn’t really started weaning Jimi off the bottle. That all changed this last week. I started gradually reducing the amount of milk I put in his bottle and increasing the amount he got in a sippy cup during his bottle feedings (once in the early afternoon, before bed and occasionally in the middle of the night if he’s having a really hard time sleeping). This seemed to be going OK and he does not mind drinking small amounts of milk out of the sippy cup at a time, but he really wasn’t a fan of drinking a lot of milk from the sippy cup. I think he doesn’t like how fast it comes out of the cup.

The other day while I was at Target I spotted these cups that sort of looked like bottles and had a longer sippy part instead of a short one. I picked up a pack, started calling them bottles and putting all of his milk into them. And it worked! He had a doubtful look on his face when I told him they were bottles, but hey he drank from them anyway. Someone on facebook (a single boy who is kind of a jerk) said I shouldn’t start lying to my child already. I’d like him to tell me what he comes up with when he is a parent. Someone suggested saying the bottle monster took all of the bottles away. I know Jimi would not comprehend that at all. This seemed to work so I’ll take it, we’ll let him know that they are not bottles before he heads to school so he isn’t embarrassed. Although I do feel like it is cheating a little bit since the sippy cups do resemble bottles, but it is progress.

For the past two nights I’ve also started switching up his night time routine. We were giving him a bath, getting his pjs on, feeding him a bottle, singing him a song and then bedtime (don’t worry we brushed his teeth everyday just earlier in day usually). Since, we’d eventually like to cut out the night time feeding all together I switched it up a little bit. We now do a last milk feeding (from a cup!), bath, pjs, story, brush teeth (all 2 1/2), sing song, and then bed time. I was a little nervous about how he’d do with the change up since most nights he was practically asleep when we laid him down and now he is completely wide awake, but he’s had no problems with it the last two nights. Let hope he keeps it up!