Dear Cecilia: 10 and 11 months

025 006 009 025 026 030Dear Cecilia,

You are now 11 months old. I missed your 10 month post because life got in the way and we got pretty busy. Please forgive me as I try to catch up.

At ten months and eleven months old you continue to be the most amazing eater. We still give you a little bit of baby food just to make sure you’re eating a balanced meal but you LOVE to eat table food with the rest of us. You are already a champ at drinking out of a cup and in the last few weeks you have taken on putting small objects onto your spoon and trying to feed yourself.

Thankfully that last two months did not bring any ear infections. You did however get two colds that were pretty hard for you to shake. Because of the colds and teething your sleep habits have been a little off and you have been waking up once or twice during the night instead of sleep through the night.

You are quite the talker. You babble and babble all day long. It is pretty amazing to watch you make connections and begin to turn those babbles into words. So far you say; Dad (or Dada), Mama, gimi (Jimi), duck, quack. We also think you’re trying to say car, this, that, squirrel, I did. You kind of sign “more” but really your just clapping but you know it gets you what you want so you haven’t changed it. Your high fives are nothing short of enthusiastic and are pretty entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, you love to dance and shake your bottom. You also love your big brother to pieces and roll around on the ground with him giving hugs and kisses.It melts my heart to watch the two of you together.

Last but certainly not least, you are officially considered a WALKER!!! Around ten months you began taking a couple steps at a time. At ten months 3 weeks you took off and started doing ten or more steps in a row. You’re walking about 50% of the time now and are taking more steps every day.

Everyday you are growing more and more and showing more and more understanding of the world. I love watching you turn into such a smart and beautiful little girl. However, it makes me a little sad that your baby days are numbered.

Thank you for being the sweetest and funniest little girl around.




Dear Cecilia: 7 Months Old

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Dear Sweet Cecilia,

Yesterday you turned 7 months old and for the first time since I began these posts, I am only a day behind. Your biggest milestone achieved in the last month is that you have pulled yourself up into a standing position a handful of times. I know once you get that mastered, walking won’t be far behind it. There’s no rush so feel free to slow down. You are still army crawling/scooting all of the house. You get up off your belly to crawl but just wiggle a little bit. I think you’ve figured out that for now you can get around pretty fast doing the army crawl thing. Your new favorite place to crawl is under the dinning table and through the chairs. I have to keep up with my vacuuming because we are constantly finding you raking up and eating little treasures of food that your brother has dropped onto the floor.

There haven’t been any teeth sightings in your mouth yet but you appear to be teething pretty hard. You like to chew on anything you can get your hands on and sometimes get fussy at night *we think* because your gums are bothering you. Hopefully a tooth will break through soon so you get can some relief. In the last month you have developed quite the appetite and prefer eating food to drinking bottles. I think a lot of times you out eat your brother. You LOVE to feed yourself “puff” and “yogurt melt” snacks (Mommy likes to sneak a few too, they’re delicious). You love all things having to do with your brother which can get you into trouble when he’s not in the mood for sharing.

Your hair has taken on a unique pattern. It is quite long (going over your eyes) and brown in the front and short and blonde in the back. I like to refer to it as a reverse mullet.  You can look that up a mullet is when you’re older.

I love listening to your sweet laugh/cackle and your chattering. As always, you are such as a joy.

Love, Mommy

Dear Cecilia: 5 Months Old

295 303 286Dear Cecilia,

You turned 5 months old on your first family vacation in Virginia. Time seemed to get away from us while we were there so your 5 months pictures were taken a little late. I’m sure you’ll forgive us.

This last month you started rolling over in your sleep so we had to stop swaddling you at night. It proved to be a challenge at first but you’re getting used to sleeping with your arms out. Now you wish to sleep with your pacifier in your mouth which can be problematic (and tiring for mommy and daddy) since you often spit it out during your sleep and wake up screaming to have it back. We are hoping you return to the amazing sleeper you once were soon.

Your little personality is shining through more and more everyday. You have quite a big set of lungs on you and are often yelling out of frustration and happiness. You still get a lot of joy out of watching your big brother and your face lights up whenever he’s near. You love to put pretty much everything into your mouth, including Jimi’s hair. We think you may be getting teeth soon but you stick your tongue out whenever we try to check for them. We are slowly introducing “solid” foods to you. Some days you like eating and others you have no interest so we are taking our time and not being pushy about it.

You are getting very mobile and can roll/scoot across a room.  Daddy and I think you will be crawling soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be growing up so fast.



Potty Training Jimi

We’ve entered the world of potty training and there’s not turning back now. Jimi began using the toilet around once a day when he was about 18 months old. We didn’t really push the subject very hard. We just asked him occasionally if he needed to go or sometimes he would let us know he needed to use the bathroom (surely just so he could get a treat).

When Cecilia was born and then we moved shortly after Jimi’s potty training sort of came to a halt. He just didn’t want to go. We, again, didn’t really push the issue because he’s still young and all the books now tell you not too. Then all of a sudden a little over a month ago Jimi started asking to use the toilet A LOT. He would usually wake up dry from naps but when he was wearing a diaper he would only ask to go once in a while. I decided to get serious about potty training and after hearing the advice from many friends we decided to use the naked potty training method. Keeping the naked is supposed to help make them more aware of when they’re going potty. We just kept Jimi naked for an entire weekend without going anywhere and about a week when we were home. He had a couple of accidents but nothing major and really seemed to get the hang of it. I made a chart to track Jimi’s progress that he could put stickers on when he used the toilet but his interest in that only last a few days. The only thing that really motivates him is small treats and not getting Thomas (his underwear) wet.

Since then we now keep Jimi is “big boy” underwear during the day and a pull-up at nap and bed time (even though he has woken up dry from both for almost a month). We are constantly asking Jimi if he needs to go potty and reminding him to let us know if he does, which I’m pretty sure he finds annoying. He’s still working on learning to go longer stretches in between bathroom uses instead of every 5 minutes. There have been a couple of accidents when Jimi is playing and doesn’t want to stop or throwing a tantrum and doesn’t want to stop (or that one time Jimi said he wanted to be alone and James trusted him and Jimi pooped on the floor and then got up on the toilet to announced he popped) but overall I’d say he is pretty much all trained.

I know we just got lucky that Jimi was ready to train but it still feels like a pretty big parenting accomplishment that he is pretty much potty trained at 26months.

We now have a lot of pictures like this (be warned: there is a toddler bottom below)





Don’t worry, we wipe everything down.


14 Months!

Holy cow, Jimi is 14 months already. I never thought I’d be one of those Moms that referred to their kid’s age by months, but it’s a lot easier than saying a year and two months (which is different that just a year)…. But back to the point.  Didn’t we just have his birthday party yesterday? Or better yet didn’t we just bring him home from the hospital yesterday? I realized the other day that I hadn’t given an update on how Jimi was doing since he turned a year. Whoops. It slipped my mind since we aren’t doing monthly pictures anymore.

It’s amazing how much more Jimi understands or at least is able to show us he understands in the last two months. When we ask him a direct question we’re usually answered with a “yeah” or “yes” or “that”. After every meal I hand him his bib  and washcloth (from washing his hands and face) and ask him to put it in his hamper and he does it! I was amazed the first time this happened. I said it almost as a joke. When did he learn what his hamper was? When did he get so helpful? When did he stop becoming distracted by the slightest thing? Today I asked him to put away stuffed animal that he’d gotten out. He went directly to the spot (which was a high shelf) and stood on his tippy toes pushing it until he got it securely on the shelf. He’s growing up too fast.

Jimi tries really hard to say words correctly. He’s still not there on most words but you can definitely tell what he is trying to say (most of the time, he does speak a lot of jibberish still). He says: Yeah, yes, that, dog- sounds like dawg, tree- sounds like tees, dad, mom, uh oh- sounds like uh-uh-ah, and John (his cousin) He uses a general baaa sounds for either bath, bottle, baby or balloon whenever one of those things are present. He can point out ducks, cows, dogs, and babies. He knows that cows moo, dogs bark, and chickens bock. He can sign more, please, hungry and he’s working on milk. He is a professional hi and bye waver.

He is up to three teeth! Maybe he will have a mouth full by the time he gets to kindergarten. He’s getting more adventurous with foods (finally!), although he’d eat crackers and milk all day if we let him. James got him to eat green olives the other day- gross. Sleep has been going pretty well. He has adjusted very well to his new schedule and puts himself completely to sleep. However, he still wakes up around 5 or 6 and then sleeps until 7 or 8.

Most importantly he gives the best hugs and kisses.

He figured out how to climb up the chairs

Note the three teeth!

Puppy Love

A new favorite: Toast