Dear Cecilia- 12 Months Old!

Dear Cecilia,

You are now a little over one year old. You learn that every parent says this, but it is true; I have no idea where the time has gone. You were just a chunky precious newborn sleeping soundly in my arms. You are now an independent, on the move full fledged toddler. 

Here is brief review of your first year:

You were a stubborn little baby and had to be encouraged to make your entrance with the help of some medicine.

You were born one week and one day after your due date.

You began rolling over tummy-to-back at 11 weeks.

You rolled back-to-tummy at 15 weeks.

You have made two trips to the East Coast. Once at 4 months and once just before your first birthday.

You tried your first foods at 5 months but weren’t really a fan of them.

You started sitting up on your own at 5 months.

You began crawling at 5 1/2 months.

You “army crawled” until you were 8 months old.

You discovered your love for food at 6 months.

You are an amazing eater and will devour any food in front of you. Whether it’s for you or not.

You began walking at 10 months, 3 weeks.

You have had two ear infections.

You catch colds easily but have only had one really yucky bout of sickness.

You have the craziest hair growth.

You hair goes well past your eyes. I call it a “reverse mullet”.

You used to sleep through the night but have been waking up once or twice a night lately.

You had four teeth on your first birthday.

You had three first birthday parties.

You spent your first birthday in Birmingham, AL.

You love your big brother more than anything else in the world.

You also love all animals but have a special fondness for ducks.

You can say Dad, duck, quack, that, gim (jimi).

You make elephant noises.

You have the sweetest smile.

You give high fives.

You wave “hi” and “bye” to everyone and anything.

You get the cutest look on your face when your proud of yourself or just perfectly content.

You are very independent and love to figure things out on your own.

You give the sweetest kisses and hugs.

You are an amazing little girl and the perfect addition to our family.

And lastly, You are LOVED!

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Dear Cecilia: 10 and 11 months

025 006 009 025 026 030Dear Cecilia,

You are now 11 months old. I missed your 10 month post because life got in the way and we got pretty busy. Please forgive me as I try to catch up.

At ten months and eleven months old you continue to be the most amazing eater. We still give you a little bit of baby food just to make sure you’re eating a balanced meal but you LOVE to eat table food with the rest of us. You are already a champ at drinking out of a cup and in the last few weeks you have taken on putting small objects onto your spoon and trying to feed yourself.

Thankfully that last two months did not bring any ear infections. You did however get two colds that were pretty hard for you to shake. Because of the colds and teething your sleep habits have been a little off and you have been waking up once or twice during the night instead of sleep through the night.

You are quite the talker. You babble and babble all day long. It is pretty amazing to watch you make connections and begin to turn those babbles into words. So far you say; Dad (or Dada), Mama, gimi (Jimi), duck, quack. We also think you’re trying to say car, this, that, squirrel, I did. You kind of sign “more” but really your just clapping but you know it gets you what you want so you haven’t changed it. Your high fives are nothing short of enthusiastic and are pretty entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, you love to dance and shake your bottom. You also love your big brother to pieces and roll around on the ground with him giving hugs and kisses.It melts my heart to watch the two of you together.

Last but certainly not least, you are officially considered a WALKER!!! Around ten months you began taking a couple steps at a time. At ten months 3 weeks you took off and started doing ten or more steps in a row. You’re walking about 50% of the time now and are taking more steps every day.

Everyday you are growing more and more and showing more and more understanding of the world. I love watching you turn into such a smart and beautiful little girl. However, it makes me a little sad that your baby days are numbered.

Thank you for being the sweetest and funniest little girl around.



Dear Cecilia: 9 Months Old


Dearest Cecilia,

You are now 3/4 of a year old…. which means I am entering into serious planning mode for your birthday party. It also means that you are growing up quickly. You have become little miss independent. You crawl (finally with your belly off the ground) where ever you want. I get quite a scare when I look down and you are no where around me. You can usually be found crawling down the hallway to your brother’s room or in your room pulling all of the wipes out of the container on the changing table.

This last month brought you your second ear infection and your second tooth. You are proving to be quite the trouble maker. You like to get into everything, climb/crawl on everything, put all things into your mouth, and generally cause terror… in a cute, sweet kind of way. You can stand for a couple of seconds on your own without supporting yourself on anything, which is very exciting and slightly terrifying. We know it is only a matter of time until you are chasing your brother up and down the hallways. You are also pretty good at clapping and waving ‘hi’.

You are still an amazing eater and an amazing sleeper. Mommy and daddy appreciate both greatly! In the last month you have become quite the little dancer and love to bob your body along to almost any song.You continue to delight us in your goofy, sweet demeanor.

I love you to the moon and back,


*Update* At your 9 month check-up you weighed 18lb 4oz (51.5 percentile) and were 27.5inches (45th percentile)

Dear Cecilia: 8 Months Old

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It was really hard to get you to sit still for pictures this month.. but who can blame you when there are things like this happening


Brothers tackling you049

and chairs that need climbing


Dear Cecilia,

You are 8 months old going on 18 months. .. You are fully on the move and clearly itching to do more. Please don’t. Mommy and Daddy need the sanity and peace of mind that comes with a baby who can’t walk yet. You are now a master at pulling yourself into standing position. You can pull yourself up on any and everything, even if it’s not too safe to do so. You can also now safely lower yourself back down on to the floor, bend to pick up objects and return to standing, walk around objects while holding on and move yourself from object to object (i.e. the coffee table to the couch) while standing with no problems.

Aside from becoming a pro at standing, your biggest accomplishment this month is growing a TOOTH! A few weeks ago I thought that it looked like part of your lower gums had a dent in it but I couldn’t be sure because your are a little booger and cover up your gums when anyone tries to get a peek at them. But upon further inspection, we have definitely spotted and felt a tooth on your lower left side. This is a big deal in our family since your brother only had one tooth by the time he turned one. The more teeth you have, the more yummy foods you can chew, which you love to do. You are the best little eater and it is really exciting for us to watch you try and LOVE each new food.

Occasionally you wave “Hi” and give “high fives” to people. The bath is your new favorite hang out spot. If you know anyone is in the bathroom you scoot your way in there hoping to get a bath.

Your bright and sunny demeanor is continuing and you are such a joy to be around. Thank you for being such a sweet and laid back baby.

I love you always,


Dear Cecilia: 7 Months Old

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Dear Sweet Cecilia,

Yesterday you turned 7 months old and for the first time since I began these posts, I am only a day behind. Your biggest milestone achieved in the last month is that you have pulled yourself up into a standing position a handful of times. I know once you get that mastered, walking won’t be far behind it. There’s no rush so feel free to slow down. You are still army crawling/scooting all of the house. You get up off your belly to crawl but just wiggle a little bit. I think you’ve figured out that for now you can get around pretty fast doing the army crawl thing. Your new favorite place to crawl is under the dinning table and through the chairs. I have to keep up with my vacuuming because we are constantly finding you raking up and eating little treasures of food that your brother has dropped onto the floor.

There haven’t been any teeth sightings in your mouth yet but you appear to be teething pretty hard. You like to chew on anything you can get your hands on and sometimes get fussy at night *we think* because your gums are bothering you. Hopefully a tooth will break through soon so you get can some relief. In the last month you have developed quite the appetite and prefer eating food to drinking bottles. I think a lot of times you out eat your brother. You LOVE to feed yourself “puff” and “yogurt melt” snacks (Mommy likes to sneak a few too, they’re delicious). You love all things having to do with your brother which can get you into trouble when he’s not in the mood for sharing.

Your hair has taken on a unique pattern. It is quite long (going over your eyes) and brown in the front and short and blonde in the back. I like to refer to it as a reverse mullet.  You can look that up a mullet is when you’re older.

I love listening to your sweet laugh/cackle and your chattering. As always, you are such as a joy.

Love, Mommy

Dear Cecilia: 6 Months Old

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Dear Cecilia,

You are 6 months and 1 week old, keeping up with my trend I am late in posting this once again. You are turning into such an amazing little girl and I can’t believe how fast you are growing up. Just after I wrote your 5 month letter you began army crawling/inch worm scooting all of over the house. Whenever you’re placed on the floor with your toys you immediately head straight for your brother’s much smaller and more dangerous toys. You’re also discovering that there is a world beyond the living room and can be found crawling into the kitchen and bathroom. You are sitting up more and more but still need to have a spotter nearby just in case.

You prefer to have more adult food and are not a big fan of baby food. You love avocado, strawberries and feeding yourself crackers. We recently let you try out a sippy cup after catching you taking Jimi’s a few times. You are already getting the hang of it. Your sleeping habits are getting better. You already put yourself to sleep for nap time and at night. As long as you have your binky, you are content.

You have the best laugh and a smile that lights up a room. Everyone comments on what a happy baby you are. You are constantly observing your surroundings and I am sure it won’t be long before your forming words. We love you so much and it is such a joy to watch you grow.



P.S. At your six month check up you weighed 16lbs (48th percentile) and were 25.6inches (38.4 percentile)…(I have no idea who you get being short from) and you only fussed for a second while you got your shots.

P.P.S Here is a sneak peak from you 6 month photo shoot


Dear Cecilia: 5 Months Old

295 303 286Dear Cecilia,

You turned 5 months old on your first family vacation in Virginia. Time seemed to get away from us while we were there so your 5 months pictures were taken a little late. I’m sure you’ll forgive us.

This last month you started rolling over in your sleep so we had to stop swaddling you at night. It proved to be a challenge at first but you’re getting used to sleeping with your arms out. Now you wish to sleep with your pacifier in your mouth which can be problematic (and tiring for mommy and daddy) since you often spit it out during your sleep and wake up screaming to have it back. We are hoping you return to the amazing sleeper you once were soon.

Your little personality is shining through more and more everyday. You have quite a big set of lungs on you and are often yelling out of frustration and happiness. You still get a lot of joy out of watching your big brother and your face lights up whenever he’s near. You love to put pretty much everything into your mouth, including Jimi’s hair. We think you may be getting teeth soon but you stick your tongue out whenever we try to check for them. We are slowly introducing “solid” foods to you. Some days you like eating and others you have no interest so we are taking our time and not being pushy about it.

You are getting very mobile and can roll/scoot across a room.  Daddy and I think you will be crawling soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be growing up so fast.