Just Keep Swimming

To sum up how we have been since my last post in two words: extremely busy.

Between finishing my Master’s degree, working, juggling everyone’s schedules and the holiday season it feels like I am finally just starting to be able to come up for air. Here’s hoping that our 2014 will be a little more stress free and full of amazing adventures.

Things that we have been able to squeeze in during our free time:

  • Attend three super cute kids birthday parties
  • Took the cutest trash can and ladybug you’ve ever seen trick-or-treating
  • Ran another 5k that benefited the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Had a nice visit from my Mom and step-dad Gary for a long weekend
  • Took Jimi and Cecilia to their first movie in the theater
  • Celebrated James turning 30 years old with a jam session and an old fashioned house party
  • Take Jimi and Cecilia for a trip on the Santa Train on the Snoqualmie Railroad
  • Had a nice surprise visit and dinner with James Aunt Ali and her boyfriend Dan
  • Celebrated and early Thanksgiving with my family
  • Had a date night via Jimi’s preschool’s parent’s night out
  • Stated taking Jimi to speech therapy once a week (hopefully I’ll get to another post on that soon)
  • Had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving with James’ Dad, step-mom Karen,  his Jennifer, and Grandma Dorothy
  • Traumatized Cecilia and made Jimi’s dreams come true simultaneously when they both met Santa
  • Enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve with James’ Mom, step-dad Jamie, and Jennifer
  • Spent Christmas with my Dad, his girlfriend Ann and my sister’s family

know there is more but my brain is fried. If I forgot anything super awesome that we did with you, please forgive me.

And just because I love looking at pictures of my cute family over and over here is a little slide show of the last few months. Enjoy!

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Weekend of Daddy-Stuff

This weekend was filled with doing Daddy Things. I fixed the toilet, trimmed a Christmas tree, and carried my vomit-covered son from my car into the bath. We also went out to dinner to celebrate Rebecca getting into George Washington University’s Master’s in Paralegal Studies program. Congratulations baby!

Friday night we went out to Bob’s Burgers and Brew to celebrate Rebecca’s acceptance into grad school. Jimi was being super cute laying his head on the table all weird and Rebecca has him trying to touch his tongue to his nose like she can. I tried to get a picture of both but this was the best I could do.

Jimi's cuteness

Weirdly, this is my second blog post about fixing a toilet. My first one is here.  Friday night after dinner, Rebecca broke the toilet. Not like that. Actually, it just broke from general wear and tear. A tiny rubber hinge on the stopper inside the tank broke, causing the stopper to flip over when you flushed, so it wouldn’t seal properly and ran forever. It was in the wee small hours, so I just shut off the water and took care of it Saturday morning. I completely MacGyver’d it. All I did was take a small rubber band and wrap it around the broken hinge. Bam! Toilet fixed! Daddy job #1? Check.

Sunday we went hunting for a Christmas tree. We had to get out of the house anyway, so we took the back roads up to Stanwood (which is a really pretty drive and something we do quite often on Sundays) and ended up at QFC, where they had 2′-3′ Noble firs for $16.99. I called around and that was the best price, and they were the only ones that had trees that small. I wanted to just walk around our property with a ladder and cut off the top of a small tree, but Rebecca vetoed me. We got it home (thankfully it fit in the trunk because we didn’t have any rope) and after one incident that distracted (which I will describe in the next paragraph) me from this task, I sawed the end off so it could absorb water better and cut off the lowest branches so it would fit in our stand, which is actually bigger than the tree. Bam, nature conquered! Daddy job #3 – Check.

About a half-mile from home Jimi started to gurgle. We heard a couple of wet burps and then some splashes and knew that he had thrown up. Then the smell hit us. Quick, roll down the windows! And then we heard the dog start to lick. Luckily she decided to listen and not clean up Jimi all herself. We pulled up, Rebecca ran inside so she wouldn’t throw up and so she could start the bath and it was my job to carry the boy upstairs. I looked in the back seat and he just looked so confused, like “Why am I so wet and smelly?” He looked like he had tried to chug a pitcher of Greek yogurt and spilled it all over himself. He smelled like he had tried to chug a pitcher of bad Greek yogurt and spilled it all over himself. He was absolutely drenched in vile white liquid. I wrapped a blanket around him and he looked so happy to be getting out of the car. Luckily he loves baths so as soon as he heard the water he wanted to be put down and he ran into the bathroom. Daddy job #2 – gag – Check.

What's left of the pool of Greek yogurt in Jimi's crotch.