Virginia Trip 2012

This year we decided to go to Virginia for Christmas to visit with both mine and James’ families that live out there. We spent one week with my family in Portsmouth, VA and one week with James’ family in Northern VA about an hour outside of DC. Our trip didn’t go exactly as we had planned but we still had a lot of fun.

Jimi was so excited to fly on a plane that he did not sleep much the night before and stayed awake from 2:50am (when we left for the airport) until about 9:30am and only slept for 30 minutes. Even though he stayed awake most of the day he did a pretty amazing job traveling. Unfortunately at some point during our travels Jimi picked up a stomach bug and started vomiting everything he consumed for 3 days. A day later I caught the bug, only worse. I could hardly move for a day. Next my nieces caught it and then James and my nephew…. It quickly made its way through the family. James felt well enough to travel the day after Christmas so we made our way North to stay with his family. That proved to be a mistake because we then spread the horrible bug to nearly all of his family up there, including everyone who had traveled from Georgia to see us. We’re so sorry everyone but we are really glad we got to see you!

In between horrible bouts of sickness we did manage to go to the Portsmouth Children’s Museum, the Norfolk Zoo, have a lovely Christmas with family, play board games, introduce Cecilia to many family members, spend a lot of time in with family we rarely get to see, watch Jimi play, play and play some more with many cousins, attempt to go snow tubing, have lunch with our friends Dana and Lauren who live in Virginia and go wine tasting.

Thank you very much to all of our family who traveled to see us! And a HUGE thank you to my mom and step-dad and the Virginia Orr family for letting us invade your homes and stay with you!!

Here are some pictures from our trip:


For Jimi: 2 Years Old

Dear Jimi,

Well it happened, your Dad and I blinked after your first birthday party and then you turned two. The last year has been amazing to watch you grow, learn, explore, and become an independent little man. You love to give hugs and kisses and push all the boundaries and our buttons at the same time. Although there are struggles with learning how to manage an independent two year old, you light up our lives every day and we can’t wait to see how much more you learn in the next year. At your two year check up you weighed 29 lbs (63 percentile) and were 35.5 inches (80th percentile).

Here’s some facts about you this year:

  • You have yet to sleep through the night (except for the two nights you stayed with Aunt Stephanie)
  • You are a big brother
  • You love to hold, kiss and talk to your little sister
  • You are picky eater. You stick to meat and carbohydrates
  • You have a strong obsession love of garbage trucks and trains
  • You have begun the process of potty training
  • You know the colors blue and green without fail
  • You speak in three word sentences.
  • Sometimes you speak in four word sentences.
  • You scrunch up your face when you are trying to say something new that is hard.
  • You are a pro at walking up and down stairs with no assistence
  • You love to run and jump and climb on everything
  • You get a lot of bruises from all of your running, jumping and climbing
  • You give amazing hugs
  • You are taking medicine to help you go #2
  • You have been to the zoo almost a dozen times
  • You love the children’s museum
  • Your favorite number is two. You like to have two of everything
  • You caught up in the teeth department and now only need your two year molars
  • You sleep in a big boy bed (twin bed)
  • You love going to the park
  • You’ve had three haircuts
  • You have pet a kanagroo and fed a llama
  • You like following around big kids
  • You talk about your cousin John and your friend Miles
  • You have rode on a pony
  • You love Toy Story but you call it Buzz and Woody
  • You love to draw
  • You like to help mommy and daddy cook
  • You run to your sister for a hug when you are hurt
  • You like to do everything by yourself (you tell us”do it self ” all the time)
  • You are a little parrot and mimic mommy and daddy
  • You constantly amaze mommy and daddy with how smart you are and how much you know and understand
  • You are an opinionated little two year old
  • You like to ride in the hiking backpack
  • You sleep with a glow-seahorse (named Ted), a Mariner’s moose, a lamb, a polar bear hat, a monkey security blanket, a water bottle, and two blankets every night
  • You are amazing and we are lucky to have you as our son

We LOVE you!

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Summer Recap

Hi. Remember us? Yeah, we’re still here. Life is still crazy and an adjustment with two kids. Rarely does either one of us have two free arms (I’m typing this with one hand right now) because they both want/need attention at the same. When we do have both arms free we both busy doing work (homework for me) which doesn’t leave much time for blogging. I’m not complaining though I love snuggles from both of them.

Despite the still gorgeous weather, summer vacation has come to end for us. The school year has started which means James is back to work and I am in full swing of my third semester of grad school. This summer was full of trips to the zoo, children’s museum, playing at parks, gigs,  and visits with family and friends. The highlight of our summer was the birth of our beautiful little girl and watching Jimi grow and learn more and more everyday.

Here’s a slideshow of pictures from our summer

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We hope you had a great summer!

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off nice, hit a super low point, and then ended with fun.

Friday: Friday night James and I went on a date night to finally celebrate Valentine’s Day and to just have some adult time. (Thanks Dru and Jamie for watching Jimi). We went to Claim Jumpers in Lynnwood because they have really large portions and I can eat large amounts right now. After our delicious dinner we went to the Regal theater up the street. We got to the theater around 7pm to watch “The Vow” (my pick) and got out around 9:20pm.

We walked up one row of cars, realized it was the wrong row and crossed over at the point where our had been parked only it wasn’t there. We looked around for a couple of seconds thinking we were still in the wrong row but did not see James’ car. James instantly knew his car was stolen. I thought we were just being idiots and couldn’t remember where we parked. After several more attempts to figure out where the car was we went back inside to tell the manager and to call the police. I was initially just stunned and then I got angry. I don’t understand why people do hurtful things to each other. Violence, theft, discrimination, etc… none of it makes sense to me. I’m not a saint and I know I’ve hurt other feelings, but I would never go out of my way to intentionally cause harm to another person. Just be nice to each other everyone!

My Dad was kind enough to pick us up at the theater and drive us back to our house. Thank you Dad!

Saturday: When we woke up in the morning (after very little sleep from Jimi being up all night and being too upset to sleep), James had a voicemail from the Everett Police Dept. saying that they had found his car around 2am at the theater in Everett. The people who took it drove it over 100 miles, ripped out the ignition, ripped out the stereo, and stole all of James’ cds out of it. They were kind enough to leave Jimi’s car seat, although I am a little scared to use it since I have no idea what they did in the car. They also left us a poppy-seed muffin, four protein shakes and some dirty tupperware. We picked up James’ car from the tow lot ($300 later) and drove it to the auto shop for what will be about another $300 in repairs, and we’ll still need to get another stereo put in it.

I’m really thankful that James car was found in still running condition but I’m still mad about it. These people obviously just took it for a joy ride and got very little gain from it. I doubt they can get much money from anything they took. They probably could have gotten the most money from taking the car seat, which they left behind. If they just wanted to see a movie in Everett instead of Lynnwood (about 15minutes apart from each other) they could have taken the bus.

Sunday: We’d been planning on taking Jimi out to do something fun for a few weeks but moving and other busyness kept getting in the way. We decided this poor kid had to do something other than watch us pack and unpack and run errands with us so we went to the Children’s museum in Everett. Jimi was a little grumpy when we first got there because he is transitioning to one nap (NOOOO!) a day right now but he quickly warmed up and appeared to have a blast and even made a few girlfriends while playing. It’s so fun to watch his face light up while he runs around exploring and learning! My camera’s batteries died a few minutes after getting there so I was not able to get many shots of him in action but here are a few.

Digging for dinosaur bones. (still in grumpy sleep mode)

Cousin Fun

Jimi is lucky enough to have 9 (!) cousins. Unfortunately, 5 of  them live on the East coast. So when my step-sister Laurel was visiting Washington from South Carolina with her husband (Tony) and kids (Anna, Ethan, and Piper) for the holidays, we decided to get the kids together and take a trip to the Everett Children’s Museum. This was only our second time going there with Jimi but he loves it so much we decided to get a membership.

Fun was had by all of the kids. They ran around, played, and splashed. Afterwards, we had a quick lunch at Denny’s (we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go with that many kids.)

John ready for action

Diggin' for dinosaur bones.

A new favorite, climbing up and sliding down the slide backwards.

Jimi with Anna at the water table.

Anna helping Jimi on the "horse".

5 cousins. Piper, John, Ethan, Jimi and Anna

Later in the day Laurel took her kids to see their Grandparents, Stephanie and I got sitters and we all went to pub trivia at The Irishmen for some adult time. A bunch of my friends were there as well. It was a lot of fun! We love going to The Irishmen.

Weekend Recap

This weekend was busy, fun, and mildly productive.

Friday: James taught a full day and then filled in for the band teacher and supervised the band at the football game. This meant that he was out of the house from 6:30am to 12:30am with a short 1 hour break at home to eat dinner. … This left me and Jimi with a lot of time on our hands…

As some of you know we are living in a one bedroom A-framed shaped Mother-In-Law apartment with low ceilings on the sides. It is a decent size apartment and there is a little “nook” area for all of Jimi’s stuff so we don’t have to share a bedroom with him. But we (especially Jimi) have a lot of stuff and with two messy boys and a small space my OCD (and my claustrophobia) is constantly going into over drive. Anyway to get to the point, I spent Friday morning rearranging furniture in the living room and Jimi’s nook (I haven’t taken pictures of it to show you yet though). We had a quick trip to Wally-world. And then after Jimi went to sleep, I got to work on my admissions essay to a online Masters program in Paralegal Studies through George Washington University. I’d been putting off this essay for some time and it needed to get done. Apparently all I needed was a glass of wine and a quiet house and all of my ease with essay writing from my undergraduate days came flooding back. I’m a little terrified about the idea of going back to school with 3 years off and a toddler at home but pretty excited at the same time. I only need a few more documents and then I’ll be submitting my application. Keep you fingers crossed for me.

Saturday: We started off the morning with a lot of coffee and some yummy pancakes I made on our new slightly used waffle maker from Good Will (a $5 score!)

Next we headed off to one of my best friends, Jessica ‘s(who I’ve known since the 6th grade) sons 4th birthday party at the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett. This was our first time going and Jimi had a blast. I think you’ll be able to tell from the pictures.

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It turns out there were a lot of pictures from the day that I wanted to share so I’m putting them into a slide show. Pay special attention to the water ones. Jimi was the splashing king at the water table. Seriously. He could not get enough. There were times it didn’t even look like he was enjoying it but he couldn’t bring himself to stop splashing. A note to all of you parents (not that any of them read this…) that gave us dirty looks while Jimi was splashing, boo on you! We let our kid splash in water and let him do it as much as he wants to. He likes it and we like watching him do it. If you didn’t want to get a little wet or you kids to get a little wet you shouldn’t have come in the WATER room!

After the birthday party we met my dad for dinner where he gave us our super sweet Christmas present, as I mentioned in my previous post.

Sunday: We had a lazy morning, which was wonderful. We spent the rest of the day running errands, going for a Sunday drive out to Maltby, and rearranging even more furniture. One of errands was a stop at Barnes and Noble so James could get a new pocket calendar and I found this neat little crock pot cook book in the clearance book section.

I’m pretty excited about it because in the two years we’ve own our crock pot, I’ve probably used it 3 times. As creative as I am with other things, I’m not when it comes to cooking. I’m a baker. I like to have a set measurements and rules to cooking. I’m not one of those people who can throw anything into a pot and have it turn into a delicious meal.

*How do you insert a slide show but leave individual pictures out of it? Sorry for showing them to you twice.