Just Keep Swimming

To sum up how we have been since my last post in two words: extremely busy.

Between finishing my Master’s degree, working, juggling everyone’s schedules and the holiday season it feels like I am finally just starting to be able to come up for air. Here’s hoping that our 2014 will be a little more stress free and full of amazing adventures.

Things that we have been able to squeeze in during our free time:

  • Attend three super cute kids birthday parties
  • Took the cutest trash can and ladybug you’ve ever seen trick-or-treating
  • Ran another 5k that benefited the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Had a nice visit from my Mom and step-dad Gary for a long weekend
  • Took Jimi and Cecilia to their first movie in the theater
  • Celebrated James turning 30 years old with a jam session and an old fashioned house party
  • Take Jimi and Cecilia for a trip on the Santa Train on the Snoqualmie Railroad
  • Had a nice surprise visit and dinner with James Aunt Ali and her boyfriend Dan
  • Celebrated and early Thanksgiving with my family
  • Had a date night via Jimi’s preschool’s parent’s night out
  • Stated taking Jimi to speech therapy once a week (hopefully I’ll get to another post on that soon)
  • Had a fun and delicious Thanksgiving with James’ Dad, step-mom Karen,  his Jennifer, and Grandma Dorothy
  • Traumatized Cecilia and made Jimi’s dreams come true simultaneously when they both met Santa
  • Enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve with James’ Mom, step-dad Jamie, and Jennifer
  • Spent Christmas with my Dad, his girlfriend Ann and my sister’s family

know there is more but my brain is fried. If I forgot anything super awesome that we did with you, please forgive me.

And just because I love looking at pictures of my cute family over and over here is a little slide show of the last few months. Enjoy!

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Dear Cecilia: 10 and 11 months

025 006 009 025 026 030Dear Cecilia,

You are now 11 months old. I missed your 10 month post because life got in the way and we got pretty busy. Please forgive me as I try to catch up.

At ten months and eleven months old you continue to be the most amazing eater. We still give you a little bit of baby food just to make sure you’re eating a balanced meal but you LOVE to eat table food with the rest of us. You are already a champ at drinking out of a cup and in the last few weeks you have taken on putting small objects onto your spoon and trying to feed yourself.

Thankfully that last two months did not bring any ear infections. You did however get two colds that were pretty hard for you to shake. Because of the colds and teething your sleep habits have been a little off and you have been waking up once or twice during the night instead of sleep through the night.

You are quite the talker. You babble and babble all day long. It is pretty amazing to watch you make connections and begin to turn those babbles into words. So far you say; Dad (or Dada), Mama, gimi (Jimi), duck, quack. We also think you’re trying to say car, this, that, squirrel, I did. You kind of sign “more” but really your just clapping but you know it gets you what you want so you haven’t changed it. Your high fives are nothing short of enthusiastic and are pretty entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, you love to dance and shake your bottom. You also love your big brother to pieces and roll around on the ground with him giving hugs and kisses.It melts my heart to watch the two of you together.

Last but certainly not least, you are officially considered a WALKER!!! Around ten months you began taking a couple steps at a time. At ten months 3 weeks you took off and started doing ten or more steps in a row. You’re walking about 50% of the time now and are taking more steps every day.

Everyday you are growing more and more and showing more and more understanding of the world. I love watching you turn into such a smart and beautiful little girl. However, it makes me a little sad that your baby days are numbered.

Thank you for being the sweetest and funniest little girl around.



The blog in which I write about things that happened a while ago…

Alright, that’s not a very good title. But I have been slacking on my blogging. I think I have a few excuses; a toddler, an infant, and grad school among them. However, many other bloggers are able to keep up with their blogging with probably a lot more going on in their lives than me, so maybe I don’t really have an excuse…

Back to the point.

Tulip Festival 2013

In April we went to the annual Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon. We’ve gone every year since Jimi was born (you can see last year’s trip here). This year we made our way up to Tulip Town. James’ Dad, Jay, and Step-Mom Karen, joined us this year. Unfortunately weather was not so great so we didn’t spend too much time looking at the flowers. But they were gorgeous and the kids seemed to have fun. Cecilia might tell you that they taste delicious as well. After we finished up at Tulip town, we went to Skagit River Brewery for some delicious lunch and drinks!

035 042 058060 082 083

Mother’s Day 2013

A couple of weeks ago was Mother’s Day. James spoiled me rotten and I had a fabulous day! James got up with Jimi at 6:30am (Jimi’s choice, not his), he then made me breakfast in bed. James mad me eggs benedict, with homemade hollandaise, and brought me coffee and a bloody mary. After breakfast we got everyone dressed and headed to the zoo, with a stop to my favorite burger place, Dick’s Hamburger’s on the way. The weather held out and we had a great time at the zoo. When we got home James made me my scallops, asparagus, pasta and alfredo sauce (from scratch!) and got me angel food cake (my favorite for dessert). I had such great day. I have a lot to live up to on Father’s Day. THANK YOU James!!!

(This is where I would upload pictures but wordpress is telling me I am out of memory space. Not good. I’ll have to work on that.)

Summer Recap

Hi. Remember us? Yeah, we’re still here. Life is still crazy and an adjustment with two kids. Rarely does either one of us have two free arms (I’m typing this with one hand right now) because they both want/need attention at the same. When we do have both arms free we both busy doing work (homework for me) which doesn’t leave much time for blogging. I’m not complaining though I love snuggles from both of them.

Despite the still gorgeous weather, summer vacation has come to end for us. The school year has started which means James is back to work and I am in full swing of my third semester of grad school. This summer was full of trips to the zoo, children’s museum, playing at parks, gigs,  and visits with family and friends. The highlight of our summer was the birth of our beautiful little girl and watching Jimi grow and learn more and more everyday.

Here’s a slideshow of pictures from our summer

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We hope you had a great summer!

A busy kind of weekend

This last weekend was packed full of activities. On Friday night we had our friends Gregor and Kolleen over for dinner. Saturday, James had a gig with his band 20 Riverside at the waterfront in Everett. Sunday, we spent the day at the Evergreen State fair. All three days were a blast.

The weather on Saturday was perfect for an outdoor show and the band played great! I had my dad come to the show with us so he could help chase Jimi around while I handled Cecilia and that he did. Jimi had my dad doing laps around the marina. Luckily for my dad James’ mom and step-dad were there to take their turn chasing Jimi around. I think we were all sore by the end of the day, that kid definitely likes to make sure we all get a workout in. Despite the showing going two hours past his bedtime, Jimi held up great and had zero meltdowns.

On Sunday Jimi slept in until almost 8, instead of his usual 6-7am wake up. After he was up, we quickly got ready for the day so we could go to the fair early. Jimi was still exhausted from the night before so we were hoping he’d take a nap in the car on the way there so he would be in good spirits for the fair. He didn’t take a nap but certainly impressed us all when he had no tantrums and minimal whining all day. He even rode in the stroller with little protest. Jimi LOVED getting to see/pet all of the animals. He also got to do the pony rides (Thanks Dad). James and I were sure he’d be the kid screaming and refusing to get on the ponies but as soon as he got on he had a huge grin on his face that didn’t leave the entire time.

Cecilia did great at all of these events too but then again she’s only a month old and as long as her food is nearby she’s pretty content.

Jimi kept climbing on the stage.

Fair food!

This is pretty much what Cecilia did the whole time.



Is it Thursday Already?

Ok, so my weekend recap did not happen this past weekend. Neither did the other posts I wanted to write like about how awesome Jimi is and how much he can do now.

Last weekend was my first week of my new course. It started off with a bang with 7 assignments due and a lot of reading. I also agreed to make 3 batches cake pops for my nephew John’s birthday which was last weekend. AND my mother, step-father, brother and nephew flew in for the birthday party…. Needless to say things have been a little busy around here.

To sum it up: On Thursday I took Jimi to his doctor to make sure he didn’t have an ear infection because he had hardly slept in a week (he didn’t have one). We went out to dinner with my family that night. Friday was John’s birthday (Happy Birthday!). The day was spent running errands, doing homework and getting pictures of the three boys together. Saturday: John’s big birthday bash. Sunday: ZOO trip with the family. Monday: More errands homework and family dinner.

Jimi has decided he only needs one nap a day and even that is a struggle to get him to take. He is still adjusting to less sleep and has been having some big periods of unpleasantness during the day (but still overwhelming amazing). No naps also equals a lot less time for me to get things done during the day, so we’re all adjusting.

All dressed up for John's barn yard theme party.

Jimi and John helped themselves to some macaroni noodles to play with.

James was confused about where the wild dogs went.

Jimi wanted to keep up with his 4 year old cousin, Max, at the zoo.


21 weeks!

Jimi did not want to stop running around to sit on the carousel.

Jimi loved trying to catch the penguins.

Feeding himself some whipped cream.

Starting to Freak Out

*Note: This blog post is a whiny rant so feel free to stop reading now if you’d like.

I’m pretty sure I must have taken a crazy pill when I decided to fill out grad school applications back in November. Maybe I didn’t really think I would get in. Classes start on Monday and I’m starting to freak out.

What was I thinking? Most days I’m lucky if I can get a shower in and eat a meal before James gets home from work. How am I going to squeeze in reading, writing papers, taking tests, research, etc, take care of Jimi and still have something resembling a life? I know I’m not the first one to do this. My father worked full time and had four kids while he got his Masters degree, but now that the start date is fast approaching I’m slightly terrified.

The program is set up so that we’re taking one course for 6-7 weeks, two courses a semester, year round. I like the idea that I’ll only have to worry about one class at a time. It’s the intensity and the fast rate of going through the course that terrifies me. Thankfully I do have some experience with this speed of work from taking two summer semesters during my undergraduate, so hopefully that will play to my advantage.

Hopefully my blog won’t fall to the wayside as I dig myself a hole and hide for two years while completing my degree. Wish me luck!