To Jimi: Three Years Old

My sweet Jimi boy,

When you read this years and years for now and notice the late posting date, please forgive me, we have been a bit busy in our house lately. But that doesn’t make you any less special or awesome.

Here is a quick recap of your last year, your accomplishments, and overall amazingness.

  • You have greatly expanded your palate and now will eat pasta (no sauce), steak, broccoli, spinach leaves, hot dogs, pork loin, and more.
  • You started your first year of preschool and LOVE IT.
  • You love your sister to no end.
  • You ask “why?” to just about everything.
  • You are very good about minding your manners and are make sure mom and dad do to.
  • Your vocabulary has grown immensely.
  • You have held an alligator.
  • You went to Universal Studios Orlando for the first time this year.
  • You rode on Thomas the train, a monorail, and several small trains at zoos, amusement parks, etc.
  • You are very stubborn when you want to be.
  • But you are also very sweet and compassionate and love to give hugs and snuggle.
  • You took two trips to the East coast in the last year.
  • You LOVE garbage trucks.
  • You even got to sit in two garbage trucks this year.
  • You also had a garbage truck themed birthday party.
  • You were fully potty trained just a few weeks after your second birthday.
  • You also love trains, dinosaurs, trucks of any kind, and holidays.
  • You impress Mommy and Daddy daily with how well you can form sentences, questions, and complex ideas.
  • You are begin to start imaginary play and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
  • You have no fear of animals, heights, or climbing on dangerous things.
  • You help wash the dishes and take out the trash.
  • Your memory is impeccable and you frequently surprise Mommy and Daddy with your knowledge.
  • You are intelligent, funny, handsome, and kind.

You are such a joy and we are so blessed to have you in our family. I LOVE you!




P.S. At your three year check up you weighed 32lbs (54 percentile) and 38.25inches (64th percentile)


Jimi, 2.5

On Saturday Jimi turned two and a half years old. The last six months have been a time of amazing growth for Jimi. And I don’t just mean physically. Most of Jimi’s growth has been intellectually. Every. single. day. we are amazed with how much information Jimi has retained, how many new words he can say, and how much knowledge is packed inside of his little brain. He can count, he knows almost all of his colors, he sings songs, he knows shapes, etc..

A lot of Jimi’s language still needs to be interpreted for other people since he’ll only pronounce half of words but the overall knowledge is there. Aside from being the smartest two year old we know (hey, who doesn’t think they’re kid is smarter than all of the other kids?), he is also a sweet, compassionate, loving, amazing brother, funny, adventurous, tickle loving, hide and seek playing, tantrum throwing, overall amazing 2.5 year old.

I am constantly amazed by Jimi and love to watch and experience the world through his eyes.

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We love you Jimi-jam, keep being awesome!

The Plague is Finally Over

Alright, it wasn’t as bad as the plague but the last couple of weeks have been a little rough around here with various illnesses.

I’ve been watching my nephew John pretty frequently the last few weeks while my sister has doctor’s appointments at the hospital across the street. About three weeks ago when he walked in the door I instantly saw the snot dripping from his nose and started to panic. I knew that if he was sick Jimi and Cecilia would be following soon. Each time he sneezed, coughed, or wiped his boogers on something my OCD went into over drive. I could just see the germs crawling on everything.

Sure enough, two days later Jimi, Cecilia, and I all came down with a strong cold, despite frequent hand washings and wiping down every toy when John went home. James caught the cold a couple of days after the rest of us. Three weeks later and Cecilia and I still have stuffy, dripping noses.

Cecilia has been picking in her ears for around a month now. I didn’t get concerned because she wasn’t just screaming in pain, have a fever, or problems sleeping that are the tell-tale signs of an ear infection. She was a little bit crankier than normal and wasn’t drinking from bottles very well, however. About a week and a half ago she woke up with the inside of her ear just covered in blood. It looked like the blood might be coming from the inside of her ear canal so we threw clothes on everyone and went to the walk-in clinic as soon as we saw it, fearing that she had burst her ear drum. Fortunately, her ear drum had not burst but she did have an ear infection in her left ear. She had to take amoxicillin twice a day for a week. We checked back with her regular doctor and the ear infection has cleared up. She’s such a happy baby, we’ll have to play closer attention for the ear infection signs if we suspect it again.

Last week my little brother Wade and his son (baby) Wade flew into Washington from Virginia for a visit. Jimi was really excited to see his cousin. Right after they got in baby Wade came down with some sort of stomach bug so we made Jimi wait a couple of days and until baby Wade was completely over his sickness until we let them play together. That didn’t matter. Jimi still got the the bug baby Wade had had but much much worse. He threw up a couple of times on Friday morning and then was fine the rest of the day. Saturday he didn’t want to eat anything but was playing just fine. Saturday night he started throwing up and having diarrhea all. night. long. Sunday he had a few bouts of diarrhea but nothing too bad. Monday through Tuesday morning things worse for the poor little boy, much much worse. He is finally started to turn around yesterday. Today he decided to make up for his lost weight and ate more than I’ve ever seen him put in his little body. No one else was affected by this bug except for me have some serious stomach cramps for a couple of days. I did more laundry and bathroom cleaning in those four days than in any other week, ever.

I’ve heard that once you have two (or more) kids it is impossible to keep them both healthy. While they do share a cold whenever one gets it, we have been pretty lucky so far and have only had to deal with a couple of them. Also, (knocking on wood) Cecilia has not caught any of the serious stomach bugs the rest of us have had.

Here’s hoping we’re done with illnesses for a while!

Dear Cecilia: 5 Months Old

295 303 286Dear Cecilia,

You turned 5 months old on your first family vacation in Virginia. Time seemed to get away from us while we were there so your 5 months pictures were taken a little late. I’m sure you’ll forgive us.

This last month you started rolling over in your sleep so we had to stop swaddling you at night. It proved to be a challenge at first but you’re getting used to sleeping with your arms out. Now you wish to sleep with your pacifier in your mouth which can be problematic (and tiring for mommy and daddy) since you often spit it out during your sleep and wake up screaming to have it back. We are hoping you return to the amazing sleeper you once were soon.

Your little personality is shining through more and more everyday. You have quite a big set of lungs on you and are often yelling out of frustration and happiness. You still get a lot of joy out of watching your big brother and your face lights up whenever he’s near. You love to put pretty much everything into your mouth, including Jimi’s hair. We think you may be getting teeth soon but you stick your tongue out whenever we try to check for them. We are slowly introducing “solid” foods to you. Some days you like eating and others you have no interest so we are taking our time and not being pushy about it.

You are getting very mobile and can roll/scoot across a room.  Daddy and I think you will be crawling soon. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to be growing up so fast.



Dear Cecilia: 4 Months Old

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Dear Cecilia,

You are a very busy 4 month old. You started rolling over from back to tummy at 15 weeks and haven’t stopped moving. It doesn’t take you long to flip over from your back and then scoot around in circles in search of toys. You’re starting to move forward so I have little doubt that you’ll be crawling soon.  I can already tell we’re going to have our hands full once you figure it out. When your hands aren’t in your mouth, your feet are.

You continue to have a growing relationship with your brother. I think you must have a secret language with him because he runs up to you to whisper that he loves you too as though you said it first. You like to grab any and everything to try to eat and explore including food out of Mommy and Daddy’s hands and your brother’s face.

You give the best smiles and are such a happy baby. You always wake up with a smile on your face. I’m going to talk to your doctor about starting you on “solid” foods soon because you seem so interested in them. In a few weeks we are going to see our East coast family for the holidays and I can’t wait to show you off to all of them.

Love, Mommy

For Jimi: 2 Years Old

Dear Jimi,

Well it happened, your Dad and I blinked after your first birthday party and then you turned two. The last year has been amazing to watch you grow, learn, explore, and become an independent little man. You love to give hugs and kisses and push all the boundaries and our buttons at the same time. Although there are struggles with learning how to manage an independent two year old, you light up our lives every day and we can’t wait to see how much more you learn in the next year. At your two year check up you weighed 29 lbs (63 percentile) and were 35.5 inches (80th percentile).

Here’s some facts about you this year:

  • You have yet to sleep through the night (except for the two nights you stayed with Aunt Stephanie)
  • You are a big brother
  • You love to hold, kiss and talk to your little sister
  • You are picky eater. You stick to meat and carbohydrates
  • You have a strong obsession love of garbage trucks and trains
  • You have begun the process of potty training
  • You know the colors blue and green without fail
  • You speak in three word sentences.
  • Sometimes you speak in four word sentences.
  • You scrunch up your face when you are trying to say something new that is hard.
  • You are a pro at walking up and down stairs with no assistence
  • You love to run and jump and climb on everything
  • You get a lot of bruises from all of your running, jumping and climbing
  • You give amazing hugs
  • You are taking medicine to help you go #2
  • You have been to the zoo almost a dozen times
  • You love the children’s museum
  • Your favorite number is two. You like to have two of everything
  • You caught up in the teeth department and now only need your two year molars
  • You sleep in a big boy bed (twin bed)
  • You love going to the park
  • You’ve had three haircuts
  • You have pet a kanagroo and fed a llama
  • You like following around big kids
  • You talk about your cousin John and your friend Miles
  • You have rode on a pony
  • You love Toy Story but you call it Buzz and Woody
  • You love to draw
  • You like to help mommy and daddy cook
  • You run to your sister for a hug when you are hurt
  • You like to do everything by yourself (you tell us”do it self ” all the time)
  • You are a little parrot and mimic mommy and daddy
  • You constantly amaze mommy and daddy with how smart you are and how much you know and understand
  • You are an opinionated little two year old
  • You like to ride in the hiking backpack
  • You sleep with a glow-seahorse (named Ted), a Mariner’s moose, a lamb, a polar bear hat, a monkey security blanket, a water bottle, and two blankets every night
  • You are amazing and we are lucky to have you as our son

We LOVE you!

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Dear Cecilia: 1 Month

Dear Cecilia,

You are one month, two weeks, and five days old. I meant to write this two weeks and five days ago but life has been very busy for us since your arrival. I can’t believe how fast time is going, it seems like just a few days ago that I was checking into the hospital to be induced. Most newborns stay home for a few weeks of their life, however because of your big brother we are always on the go. In your first month of life you: went to the zoo, a kangaroo farm, many parks, the children’s museum, the Evergreen State Fair, stayed over night in a hotel in Vancouver, WA., countless trips to the grocery store and two check ups to the doctor’s office, and I’m sure many many other places that I’m forgetting. You’re not a big fan of your car seat unless the car is moving or someone is swing it back and forth. You also refuse to take a bottle, except on a couple rare occasions.

You love being held and snuggled all day. Since we’ve brought you home from the hospital, you’ve slept amazingly for a newborn. You usually only wake up once to eat. Most nights you sleep better than your brother. Speaking of your brother, he absolutely loves you. He loves to hold you, kiss you, tell you good morning, kiss you good night and when you are upset he rocks you, ‘shhes’ you, and brings you a pacifier. When he is upset or hurt he often runs to get a kiss from you first. It is amazing to watch your relationship build already and hopefully you’ll be great friends growing up.

You are starting to smile and “talk” a lot, you already bear weight on your legs, and can hold your head up like a champ. You’re such a joy and we are so happy you are a part of our family!

Love, Mommy