Cecilia- 18 months old

On January 28th this little raggamuffin


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turned 18 months old.

Cecilia Lynn is our little spitfire. She knows what she wants and she wants it right then. She’s stubborn, extremely smart, looks up to her big brother, is very loving, loves music, dancing, coloring, and giving hugs and kisses. Cecilia is mastering using a fork while eating and climbing up and downstairs. She recently figured out how to climb onto our very high up bed. I’m sure climbing out of her crib is next. Cecilia is also working on potty training. She frequently asks to sit on the toilet and has actually done her business on there a few times.

Cecilia’s vocabulary is AMAZING! I read that the average vocabulary for an 18 month old is 5-20 words. On Cecilia’s half birthday, James and I sat down to write out all of the words that we knew Cecilia could say, just off the top of our heads. We were able to list over 90 words!! And the list just keeps going the more we think about it. She is also able to put together two to three words. I thought about typing them all out on here but I really just don’t have the concentration for that right now (the Olympics are on right now) and I don’t want to bore everyone.

At her 18 month  weighed 22lb 12oz (52 percentile) and was 31.5″  inches long (39 percentile)


Cecilia 12 month check up and photo shoot

I forgot to mention on my previous post about Cecilia that she recent had her 12 month check up at the doctors and a little birthday photo shoot (not at the same time).

Cecilia’s Stats: Weight- 20lbs (51st percentile), Height- 29.5″ (56th percentile)

This was the first appointment that she has been in a higher percentile for height than weight.

Cecilia and I both caught a nasty bug on the airplane and got hit pretty hard with stomach sickness the day before her 12 month check up. So needless to say she wasn’t her usual perky self for the appointment and probably weighed a little bit less than before the stomach bug. It also means that we get to go back for a second appointment so she can get her vaccinations.

Next week she has her first dentist appointment!

Almost a year ago I stumbled upon a new photographer who a few friends from high school had used, Ashley (Photography by Ashley Mae). We used her for our family pictures last Fall and are hooked. We love her work.  She took Cecilia’s 6 month pictures, 12 month pictures and we already have scheduled an appointment for Jimi’s 3 year pictures. If you live in Washington and don’t mind traveling to the Camano Island area, I would definitely check her out. She’s great with kids, super patient, and has a great eye for getting great shots.

Here are some of Cecilia’s pictures:

Dear Cecilia- 12 Months Old!

Dear Cecilia,

You are now a little over one year old. You learn that every parent says this, but it is true; I have no idea where the time has gone. You were just a chunky precious newborn sleeping soundly in my arms. You are now an independent, on the move full fledged toddler. 

Here is brief review of your first year:

You were a stubborn little baby and had to be encouraged to make your entrance with the help of some medicine.

You were born one week and one day after your due date.

You began rolling over tummy-to-back at 11 weeks.

You rolled back-to-tummy at 15 weeks.

You have made two trips to the East Coast. Once at 4 months and once just before your first birthday.

You tried your first foods at 5 months but weren’t really a fan of them.

You started sitting up on your own at 5 months.

You began crawling at 5 1/2 months.

You “army crawled” until you were 8 months old.

You discovered your love for food at 6 months.

You are an amazing eater and will devour any food in front of you. Whether it’s for you or not.

You began walking at 10 months, 3 weeks.

You have had two ear infections.

You catch colds easily but have only had one really yucky bout of sickness.

You have the craziest hair growth.

You hair goes well past your eyes. I call it a “reverse mullet”.

You used to sleep through the night but have been waking up once or twice a night lately.

You had four teeth on your first birthday.

You had three first birthday parties.

You spent your first birthday in Birmingham, AL.

You love your big brother more than anything else in the world.

You also love all animals but have a special fondness for ducks.

You can say Dad, duck, quack, that, gim (jimi).

You make elephant noises.

You have the sweetest smile.

You give high fives.

You wave “hi” and “bye” to everyone and anything.

You get the cutest look on your face when your proud of yourself or just perfectly content.

You are very independent and love to figure things out on your own.

You give the sweetest kisses and hugs.

You are an amazing little girl and the perfect addition to our family.

And lastly, You are LOVED!

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Cecilia’s cupcake themed birthday party

In a little more than 24 hours we will be heading to Birmingham, AL and the Orlando, FL area for two weeks. Which means we will be out of the state on Cecilia’s first birthday (July 28th). We decided to throw an early birthday party for her this past weekend so our friends and family who won’t be on the trip were able to join in on the birthday celebrations.

We held her “cupcake” themed birthday party at Legion Memorial Park in Everett, which is one of our favorite parks to take the kids to. I ordered her invitations and all of the coordinating party pieces from The Paper Blossom Shop on Etsy. The turn around time was very quick and I was a little obsessed with the chevron cupcake design. For her birthday outfit I used Etsy again to order her a pink cupcake “pillowcase” dress from the Sprinkled Sweet Design Shop.

For decorations I made tissue poms poms with help of funny bloggers like this one. I also saw some pretty cute cupcake liner garland on pinterest and make a few of those. Who ever made the original pin did not do it correctly so I just had figure out how to make them on my own. I first measured some white thread for the length I needed it. I tied one end into a thick knot, attached a thick sewing needle and just started threading the liner through the middle onto my string. I alternated color liners and directions.

Her smash cake was made using the giant Wilton’s cupcake cake mold. And I made cupcake cake pops using the Bakerella’s Cake Pop book. I also made good old fashioned cake pops and cupcakes. I cheat and use box cake mix but I did make my own buttercream frosting with a hint of cream cheese using the recipe found here. It’s my new go to frosting and I think it’s pretty delicious.


Cupcake liner garland


Giant cupcake smash cake


Cupcake cake pop favors


Chevron cupcake pattern


Opening presents and sporting her awesome birthday dress

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Thank you to everyone who attended Cecilia’s birthday party and spoiled her with love and gifts! We appreciate you joining in our celebration! I cannot believe my sweet baby girl is almost one year old already.

Dear Cecilia: 10 and 11 months

025 006 009 025 026 030Dear Cecilia,

You are now 11 months old. I missed your 10 month post because life got in the way and we got pretty busy. Please forgive me as I try to catch up.

At ten months and eleven months old you continue to be the most amazing eater. We still give you a little bit of baby food just to make sure you’re eating a balanced meal but you LOVE to eat table food with the rest of us. You are already a champ at drinking out of a cup and in the last few weeks you have taken on putting small objects onto your spoon and trying to feed yourself.

Thankfully that last two months did not bring any ear infections. You did however get two colds that were pretty hard for you to shake. Because of the colds and teething your sleep habits have been a little off and you have been waking up once or twice during the night instead of sleep through the night.

You are quite the talker. You babble and babble all day long. It is pretty amazing to watch you make connections and begin to turn those babbles into words. So far you say; Dad (or Dada), Mama, gimi (Jimi), duck, quack. We also think you’re trying to say car, this, that, squirrel, I did. You kind of sign “more” but really your just clapping but you know it gets you what you want so you haven’t changed it. Your high fives are nothing short of enthusiastic and are pretty entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, you love to dance and shake your bottom. You also love your big brother to pieces and roll around on the ground with him giving hugs and kisses.It melts my heart to watch the two of you together.

Last but certainly not least, you are officially considered a WALKER!!! Around ten months you began taking a couple steps at a time. At ten months 3 weeks you took off and started doing ten or more steps in a row. You’re walking about 50% of the time now and are taking more steps every day.

Everyday you are growing more and more and showing more and more understanding of the world. I love watching you turn into such a smart and beautiful little girl. However, it makes me a little sad that your baby days are numbered.

Thank you for being the sweetest and funniest little girl around.



Dear Cecilia: 9 Months Old


Dearest Cecilia,

You are now 3/4 of a year old…. which means I am entering into serious planning mode for your birthday party. It also means that you are growing up quickly. You have become little miss independent. You crawl (finally with your belly off the ground) where ever you want. I get quite a scare when I look down and you are no where around me. You can usually be found crawling down the hallway to your brother’s room or in your room pulling all of the wipes out of the container on the changing table.

This last month brought you your second ear infection and your second tooth. You are proving to be quite the trouble maker. You like to get into everything, climb/crawl on everything, put all things into your mouth, and generally cause terror… in a cute, sweet kind of way. You can stand for a couple of seconds on your own without supporting yourself on anything, which is very exciting and slightly terrifying. We know it is only a matter of time until you are chasing your brother up and down the hallways. You are also pretty good at clapping and waving ‘hi’.

You are still an amazing eater and an amazing sleeper. Mommy and daddy appreciate both greatly! In the last month you have become quite the little dancer and love to bob your body along to almost any song.You continue to delight us in your goofy, sweet demeanor.

I love you to the moon and back,


*Update* At your 9 month check-up you weighed 18lb 4oz (51.5 percentile) and were 27.5inches (45th percentile)

Our Newest Niece

Last Monday, April 1st, our newest niece Betty Marie was born to proud parents Stephanie and Ian and big brother John.

Here she is with my little helper:


Jimi loved going to the hospital to see her and loves holding her.

Along with being our newest niece, Betty is also my God-daughter. We celebrated her baptism on Sunday morning.


Me with Betty after the baptism.


With Stephanie and Ian

Welcome to the world little Betty! We love you!