Why is there tuna fish on the chandelier?


Oh, that’s why.


He’s Here!

James Theodore Orr
Born Sept. 30th at 9:49pm
7lb 15oz
21 inches

After several weeks of contractions and one long night a serious contractions on the 28th (they died off by the morning), I FINALLY went into labor on the evening of the 29th, my due date. I like to think it was because I slid (very slowly, one at a time) down a set stairs on my bottom, trying to get things jump started. But it’s likely that Jimi was just ready to be born.
Here’s a break down of how the labor and delivery went:
 5:30pm– slid down the stairs
6:00pm– started having contractions while at dinner at the Olive Garden
10pm– Finally decided I couldn’t sit through the end of Top Chef to see who got kick off and needed to go to the hospital
12am– Admitted to the hospital from triage- dilated to 4cm 100% effaced
12am-5:00am– walked around delivery floor. Dilated to 6cm, doctor broke my water.
8am– Dilated to 8cm.
1pm– STILL at 8cm.
At this point Jimi was facing the wrong direction which was making my body take longer to dilate and was creating incredible pain on my pelvic bone. Not knowing how much longer it was going to take I decided to get an epidural.
3pm– My epidural failed.
5pm– Got a second epidural- it got blocked some how.
6pm– Got a third epidural.
7pm– I was allowed to begin pushing. (My third epidural failed)
9:49pm– Jimi was FINALLY here!
They only let you push for three hours so Jimi just made it before they sent us to the Operating Room, which was a possibility the whole time because of how he was positioned. Thankfully Jimi decided to turn himself to the correct (face down) position as I was pushing. Other than the three failed epidurals all of the labor and delivery went great.
After being sent home from the hospital on Saturday morning, we had one of the scariest evenings of our lives that night when we had to take Jimi to the ER. After being circumcised you’re told to watch for certain signs of complications…One of those being if they don’t urinate within 8 hours. Jimi had not urinated in 24hours which is another problem. We were instructed to take him to the ER, where they gave him an IV of fluids and did blood work. It was honestly the heart breaking thing I have ever seen. After 5 hours Jimi finally went pee and his blood work came back ok, so they sent us home.
He’s been doing great ever sense.
We, of course, think he is absolutely perfect! He sleeps pretty well throughout the night, only waking for diaper changes and feedings and he’s pretty content to just sleep or hangout during the day.

In the car on the way to his first doctor’s check-up

Oh Baby

At our last check up I was measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule so the doctor had us get an ultrasound just to make sure everything was progressing normally and that they weren’t wrong about the due date.
The ultrasound tech didn’t tell us much (we’ll have to wait until our next appointment), however, she did tell us that Jimi is around 6lb 14oz right now. Which puts him on track to be a big baby if they’re correct about the due date.
3-D image of Jimi’s face, with part of his arm/hand in front of it. He had it up there the entire time.
Side view
I used to think these types of ultrasounds were creepy but it is really exciting to see what he is starting to look like. He’s come a long way from his pork chop days.


It’s a boy! After our mid-pregnancy ultrasound we were delighted to find out that we’re having a boy. I wasn’t too surprised, as I had a feeling all along that it was going to be a boy. Needless to say James is ecstatic. I can’t wait to start shopping and planning for the nursery.
The doctor said that everything looked great so far with the baby’s growth and development. We are going to name him James Theodore, which is my grandfather’s name.
I’ll spare everyone from the picture showing us the gender. Instead here is a picture of James relaxing with a glass of wine… while wearing my snuggie.