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Jimi, 2.5

On Saturday Jimi turned two and a half years old. The last six months have been a time of amazing growth for Jimi. And I don’t just mean physically. Most of Jimi’s growth has been intellectually. Every. single. day. we are amazed with how much information Jimi has retained, how many new words he can say, and how much knowledge is packed inside of his little brain. He can count, he knows almost all of his colors, he sings songs, he knows shapes, etc..

A lot of Jimi’s language still needs to be interpreted for other people since he’ll only pronounce half of words but the overall knowledge is there. Aside from being the smartest two year old we know (hey, who doesn’t think they’re kid is smarter than all of the other kids?), he is also a sweet, compassionate, loving, amazing brother, funny, adventurous, tickle loving, hide and seek playing, tantrum throwing, overall amazing 2.5 year old.

I am constantly amazed by Jimi and love to watch and experience the world through his eyes.

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We love you Jimi-jam, keep being awesome!


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