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Free Entertainment!

We had to go to the mall yesterday to get Rebecca’s rings cleaned, part of Jared’s maintenance warranty. In the middle of the trip Cecilia got hungry, as newborns do, so Jimi and I had to go find our own entertainment. I was just going to walk him around and let him explore new sights, but I soon found the perfect distraction. The Everett Mall has carts for rent that have cars on the front that kids can pretend to drive, and they were all locked up together! Jimi spied the rack and immediately shouted “Car!” and started climbing on them. I didn’t even ask how much they were to rent, I just sat down and watched him climb in and out, turn the steering wheel, and open and shut the door. The ladies at the customer service thought he was cute, but a security guard kept circling us like a great white shark sizing up his next meal.

Jimi driving


He had to try all of them.

Another family walked by and their son, who was probably a couple months younger than Jimi, saw Jimi playing and immediately wanted to try it. They let him, but when it was time to leave, he threw a fit. So the mother asked how much and was told they were five dollars. They were trying to see how many quarters they had, but when she got the price she said “Five bucks?! That’s gay!” Inappropriate for any age, but this woman was about thirty and should know better than to say that. Their son kept crying, so they unhappily gave in and ponied up the Lincoln. I didn’t feel bad at all.


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