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I was going to write a post about Jimi’s crazy behavior and sleeping habits hitting rock bottom last week but just thinking about writing it all out made me tired. To sum it up: last week was a little insane. Jimi’s behavior was all over the board. He had many moments of being sweet and many moments of being angry. He suddenly became afraid of his crib and went into hysteria when we started his nightly bedtime routine and woke up crying for most of the night. He is starting to down for the night a little easier but he is still refusing to nap in his crib. He wants to sleep in our bed which is something he has never liked doing and hasn’t really done since he was a newborn and I was too lazy to put him back in his moses basket after feeding him. We’re still not sure what triggered all of last weeks craziness. I have a feeling he may be sensing the change that is going to be happening soon when Cecilia gets here.

A lot of the behavior is probably just because Jimi is a full-fledged toddler headed in the express lane for the terrible twos. Everyday is full of  boundaries being tested, a struggle for more independence, and frustration when he can’t accomplish what he wants. Days are also filled with new discoveries and exploration, gained understanding, speaking new words, accomplishing new feats, hugs, kisses and overall amazingness that make all of the not-so-pleasant times and (most) of the sleepless nights worth it. As frustrating as it can be, I love this age and am constantly in awe of our little man.


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