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Mountain Climber

Shortly after Jimi figured out crawling he discovered he could climb to a standing position on just about any and every surface. And he does on EVERYTHING…. the couch, his crib, his changing table, our bed, boxes of soda, chairs, and even his diaper champ.
Annoyed I distracted him from his mission

Getting into position

And he’s up… now he doesn’t really know what to do with himself

Got the baby gate up just in time… That’s about 15 stairs on the other side of the gate.
We love that Jimi is developing so quickly and is exploring all new areas of the house. Now it would be great if he could figure out how to sit himself back down again when he’s ready to move on to the next target. For now though there is a lot of tumbles and a few head bumps while he figures it out.
Jimi had his first trip to the zoo this last Saturday. Jimi and I (James was out of town with 20 Riverside) took the trip with my sister Stephanie, her husband, and son John. Jimi seemed to enjoy himself. Out of all of the great animals they have at the zoo, he pretty much only paid attention to the crows walking around. Thankfully kids under 2 are free because I could have showed him those in our yard.

Our monkey made a new monkey friend

This was the start of a lion fight… not kidding. It was crazy.
For my first Mother’s Day, James brought me breakfast in bed, roses, a venti coffee, earrings, and a diaper bag I had asked for. The three of us (James, Jimi, and I) went to Redhook for a brewery tour and dinner. It was a fabulous day. Thank you James!
In other news:
Jimi is now in his big car seat
He seems to enjoy it even though he doesn’t have toys to play with anymore. We certainly enjoy not having to carry around the extra weight.
Jimi is eating more and more every day and Penny has figured out the best spot in the house during meal times.


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